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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Call for help. Anyone know if it is possible to get +Google to help getting into a gmail account for a family member (my brother) that passed away? Tried all the passwords we could think of and his phone number has been disabled, so no recovery via it.
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+Artem Russakovskii thank you. Don't believe he had it setup. I'll check that help page. Thank you so much.
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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My oldest son made a knife for me! He used deer antlers for the handle and display mount, an old piece of metal he sharpened for the blade, and bought a pack of used leather to cut, sew, and rivet into a sheath! Love it!
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Hello, I really like the design CYANOGEN. 
But my device is not supported. Please, please make a CYANOGEN for my phone.
My phone Samsung core 2. 
The Version Of Android 4.4.2 
firmware version GH355HXXU0ANHB 
kernel version is 3.10.17-4947282 dip@SWDD5903#2 Mon may 20 15:33:22 CST 2015 
build number KOT49H.G355HXXU0AOB2
A lot of people will like CYANOGEN. 
Thank you very much, all the best to You.
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Recently started opening the gate between our dogs, donkey, and goat...they approve.
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Anyone know a blog / Android site that didn't get in to I/O this year, but really wishes they had someone to take high quality photos for them at the event with a full frame Sony A99?

Like many, I didn't win the I/O lottery this year. However, as luck would have it, I got an invite last night. It's hard to justify the cost of I/O for some, myself included, so I've been on the fence on if I'm going to empty $900 from my wallet to attend this years event.

Because it's +Benji Hertel's birthday the week of I/O, I'll be in San Francisco California already from the 19th to the 30th. I've been hired to shoot a couple of events before / after I/O, which means I'll have a full frame Sony A99 and a couple of pretty awesome lenses that week. 

I've done this for events like CES, CTIA, Pepcom, Digital Focus, and even the +Big Android BBQ, for people like +Russell Holly and +Aaron Kasten. I always travel with a Surface Pro, and always manage to get photos out to those who need them exceptionally fast with great results. 

Normally I'd be at an event like I/O for +Russell Holly, but unfortunately he's sitting this years event out.

So, if you know of a blog or Android site that is pretty bummed out that they'll be stuck stealing someone elses photos, or using stock photos from press releases, that'd really prefer to do it right and have their own high quality photos taken exclusively for them, let them know that today is their lucky day. Why today ? Because I have to make this decision today. No exceptions.

Examples, all of which were taken with lesser cameras than what I'll have with me in California:

An Olympus 4/3'rds
A Nex-7 (the original)
An A77

The A99
<your photos here>

Note: if you send me a hangout invite, and you're not in my circles, it goes to the "invites" section which is never displayed with a notification. You're probably better off making a private post with me first so that I can get you in my circles and be able to see your hangout notifications

Nyan Plushie FTW

No, I can not transfer you my ticket if I don't go. It's not happening. Don't ask. Even if you're just kidding, I'll just block you.
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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This kind of fuel economy makes the additional cost of the hybrid more tolerable.
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Robert Burnshe hello xup
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Layla thought we were playing mind games with gate has a puppy door.
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That's a cute puppy. 
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Obligatory low gas price photo. Thanks Kroger!
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KROGER BABY unfortunately Lincoln use Premium #BS  
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Too funny.
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Would anyone happen to have a spare non-smart phone for Verizon sitting around they'd like to donate or sell for cheap? One of my kids made some poor choices with theirs and one of the consequences is that their smart phone is taken away. I'd still would like to have a way to contact them when not at home though.

Thanks in advance.
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All of mine have ended up with my grandkids for the same reason... You're a good dad.
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Getting our garage/barn floor finished and the driveway cleaned up.  One of many improvements we've been making!
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I think is beautiful. I love it! How long did it take?
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Robert Burns (burnsra)

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Happy Birthday, +Chris Sewell! Hope you enjoyed the day! 
Happy Birthday Chris Sewell
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Thanks man!
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