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Robert Burgess
I'm am the one, the only, DEXTORIOUS!
I'm am the one, the only, DEXTORIOUS!

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I got a question. I am building a Reef tank controller and I am Wondering something. I got a 5V 8 port relay for my pi 3. I have the relay wired and have 5V to VCC and the ground to the pin 3 for ground. I'm using jumper wires that came with the relay and it seems that it is very very touchy. When the slightest touch happens the relay will all click or the whole board decides it's gonna allow all sockets on. I have them wired to the gpio pins and again it works but the slightest movement causes the relay to act all sorts of weird. Could this be the jumper cables and the best bet is to solder the gpio pins and relay pins to ensure a good connection? I'd like to not just incase I decide to reuse the pi else where down the line. Any input is greatly appreciated. 

I am such an idiot for waiting so long to watch Mr. Robot. I am only 13 mins in and already it's gotta be my new favorite show.

Decided to just update my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS servers to 16.04 LTS for my emby server and home automation server. This was not a smart move lol. Seems init.d is now changed so none of my stuff auto starts and I seem to have no easy way to migrate it. Plus it seems somehow ruby1. 9.1 which my home automation dashboard ran off of is now gone. I may just start everything over at this point. Just format the VM and have the joys of setting it all back up. I don't have much setup really. So a fresh install might just be a way to go at this point. 

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Loin Backs on the smoker see you in a few hours friend lol

So it seems after upgrading to the latest firmware of Nas4Free my box no longer connects to my active directory. It also seemed to of clear everyone of my settings and even though it wasn't a big deal I only needed to setup a couple quick things now I can't use with my active directory which is not cool. Been playing with this for 2 hours now. I'd almost switch to FreeNAS but the box is in a room I can't access at the moment lol. To make the switch or not to make the switch. Hmmmm anyone wanna weight in on this. Curly? Anyone of my other friends/followers using either of the 2?

Anyone out there with a GearVR watching gone? I've only seen the first 2 episodes and find the whole thing great what's everyone else's thoughts

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The before and after shots of my ribs from Sunday. My own rub and sauce. Rub had a bit of a bite and spicier then I'd want on my ribs. I'll tweak and give another shot soon. I did these on a low and slow for 5 hours on a gas grill with a couple aluminum foil packets to produce smoke. Also a shot of what the inside looked like. Thermometers broke to so I couldn't monitor Temps properly but these still came out very well 
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This is an aquarium and then some. It's an enormous tropical marine fish tank with an IoT Raspberry Pi weather system that duplicates the Cayman Islands' current weather.

Alright question, my daughter is a huge animal lover.  Shes 3 in 2 months and is all about animals.  From a phone app she has learned about 20 different birds by there picture and the noise it makes.  She has asked me "Can we play Sharks" because with that app i ts "Can we play Birds"  However I can't seem to find ANYTHING simlar to the bird sighting apps.  I finally came across the discovery kids app which sounds like what I am looking for however it is Apple iPad and $5.  Short of me sitting down and creating one, which maybe might not be a bad idea does anyone know of something?  I've searched every which way I could and no luck.

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