With the recent changes to Ingress FS I figured it'd be nice to try help organise one again. So here we go...

ENL PoC:@Jinshei
RES PoC:@RobertABT

11:00 doors open for registration with a plan to start at 11:30.
13:30 scanners down and return for scoring
Restocking portal active at 14:30

The Coffee Lab, Gloucester.

No... I meant which portal?
The Vining Warehouse ( https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=51.862717,-2.252763&z=18&pll=51.863081,-2.251464 )

Parking: Castlemeads is an option. £2 all day according to the website: http://www.gloucester.gov.uk/resident/parking-travel-and-roads/Pages/castlemeads.aspx and just a short walk from the docks and our starting point. Car park accessed via the A430, then follow the path to the footbridge over the river, cross the road, enter the docks, then the coffee shop will be straight ahead.

If we have issues with The coffee Lab not being open in the morning we will do sign in at "The Lord High Constable of England" (a nearby Wetherspoons with a cluster of portals)
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