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Yes, this can happen. 

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Ray's Last Dance

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Ray Lewis - Just One More Time!

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Falls Road Animal Hospital
Case History
2004 - 2006

Plexicoat America will demonstrate how PlexiDeck MMA will turn a small job into a home run. 

Falls Road Animal Hospital has been a fixture in Baltimore County for more than 30 years and Dr. Kim Hammond has been a leader and innovator in veterinary medicine.  The facility on Falls Road has had a number of additions over the years and many floor systems ranging from tile, sheet goods and epoxy.

During the first opportunity, in 2004, Dr. Hammond asked for an 850 SF color flake floor to be installed in their basement for a Dog Training Room.  The floor was installed at night and the next morning it was ready for full use.  To find out, the previous year the facility had an epoxy floor installed throughout the entire facility.  The Dr. asked to have a price to recoat all the floors due to yellowing and difficulty of cleaning.

Two years later, 2006:  Dr. Hammond was very impressed with the Dog Training Room and so disgusted with the look and clean ability of the rest of the facilities’ floors, he decided to overcoat all the floors with the PlexiDeck MMA Color Flake System.

This is a 24 hour facility, so the task was not simple.  The good news for them was that remembering the epoxy installation, areas needed to be shut down for days for completion.

The following system was installed:
1. Wipe epoxy floor with PlexiDeck MMA Prep Cleaner.  Aggressively sand the existing sound epoxy.  Delaminating and failing areas were saw cut with diamond saw, surface prepared with chipping hammer and diamond grinder.  This created a clean, sound and dry surface.  Wipe floor again with Prep Cleaner.

2. Prime with PlexiDeck MMA Primer at 100 SF/gallon.

3. Repair areas necessary with PlexiDeck PC Polymer Concrete and reprime as needed.
4. Install bodycoat using PlexiDeck MMA Roll On Bodycoat at 80 SF/kit and broadcast multi color flake to rejection.
5. Remove excess flake, buff and vacuum.
6. Apply two coat PlexiDeck MMA Clear Topcoat, sanding between coats to give a semi-smooth finish.

The project consisting of 7500 SF of floor and 1900 lineal feet of base, including the waiting room, labs, examining rooms, rest rooms etc., was a success and was finished over a two week period at night.  He then awarded the 1200 SF kennel area to be done in two sections at night.

With all the customer traffic at Fall Road Animal Hospital, the contractor since had many inquiries and secured other kennels and garage floors just from this application.

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Happy Holidays from Plexicoat America
A World of Good Wishes. One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the new year.

From all of us at Plexicoat America
Bob, Jeff, Kim, Dave, Ted and Sam
Happy Holidays!!!

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