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Cybercriminals are pushing malicious Google Chrome extensions that hijack Facebook accounts. To make matters worse, the extensions are being hosted on
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These people have a talent but miss use it for crime. They think they won't be found but usually end up in jail.
Hello +Nicole Pope -
Not downloading 'anything' for free is a little drastic, is it not?
There are always the bad apples in the bunch, but the majority of 'stuff' you will find online is well worth trying to see if it works for you.
Have you had other bad experiences? Is this why you are so hesitant?
+Nicole Pope -
Great to here you got on top of it before it completely destroyed your computer.
The only virus software/protection I have on my computer is the Microsoft software that came with my Windows 7, and I do not have a problem....
Simply, I do not click on links, don't do it, not, no, no way...
I don't care if it's from my best friend!
If I am interested in looking at something I will retype it in my Google Search, so between Google's filters and MS's filters I have not had the slightest challenge in over a year.
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