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I just picked up the ZTE Axon 7 Lockrz refuses to run at all. It's a Android 7.0 phone. 

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OK who has a One+One invite for me?!

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What an awesome meal! Some of the best Mexican food I've had in a long time. 

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Once it is on the Internet...

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So I had to get back on Facebook. Not that I wanted to but, I needed to. There was a series of tasks that needed to be completed for a beta program I was asked to join. One of which was to join their beta group on Facebook and use their Facebook app to log issues. So I signed back into Facebook, got their pre-requisites out of the way, then signed the non-disclosure. I could not fathom just how different G+ is from FB. Where G+ offers me articles on stuff I actually want to read, FB offers drivel that makes me want to vomit. 

These were what post were showing when I opened G+ and FB

G+ Top three posts
From old bathtub to chic, new sofa. How cool is this?!

Design partner Jake Knapp shares 9 rules for running a productive design culture – [via +Fast Company]

If this wasn't shared from reputable sources, I would think this was a hoax. Yet it appears to be very legitimate. First photographic evidence of its kind!

FB Top Three posts
Many more great posts at  Words To Inspire the Soul 
Such beautiful and meaningful posts


What do you think this cologne would smell like?

What do you guys think? What are the three top posts for you?

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Spread the word and fight this by NOT buying. First console I will not buy.....
All the things wrong with the Xbox One by using the Microsoft Xbox website as the source for information. #XboxDifference #NoDRM #XboxOne

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Everyone should watch this: and sign this: We need a person who will fight for our interests as an FCC Chairman. This is important and thought provoking.
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