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My heart hurts with the news that our Star Wars princess has passed away. RIP Carrie Fisher we will always love you. You gave confidence to a lot of little girls that turned into amazing women and helped so many others with mental illness awareness as an amazing role model and champion.

We will never forget you and you are the Force in so many lives. God bless and thank you for being our forever and always Princess Leia. ;'( 

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Please check out the latest Kickstarter from +Eddy Webb and +Richard Thomas those amazing individuals from Onyx Path Publishing.

I am guaranteeing it to be epic because I have played many, many, many amazing games from these truly awesome people.

So hop over and back this project! =)

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Wow this kid is pretty amazing. 5 seconds! 

I would be fumbling cups everywhere. =)

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This is awesome news! I loved the first season and can't wait for the second. I think the other added bonus to having the shows like this on Netflix is we get the whole season in one k-pow, instead of a show a week and a break in the middle of the season.

I was able to binge through the whole season over one weekend and thinking of re-watching the action again really soon.


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Seriously...this is just another case of people and the laws being outside of reality. I mean a simple talk with the kid would have been more effective and the right thing to do, then to charge him and all this other stuff. In-house suspend him for a day or two, but not all this non-sense.

It seems Florida has a large amount of these political correct laws that they don't bend on lately that make the news...what's up Florida? Or maybe it was because the kid posted a picture of two men kissing? Maybe that it is. 

Either way the kid taught you a lesson in cyber security called tighten up your system and educate your staff better.

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This teacher is one of the amazing teachers out there doing it right. This really hits the heart.

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I like how this person sketched these inspiring moments.

Nicely done.

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Today we wrapped up the Phoenix Force 6 month tournament for Marvel Dice Masters and I got second in the tournament and second in the grand prize running, so even though I didn't win the whole thing I am totally stoked. I won every single card in this tournament.

I didn't grab as many pictures as I would have liked because I was too far into the games, but I did grab a shot of my team this month, the cards and die I won today, and a winning shot of Wolverine - Canucklehead winning for me in one game. Another first I also finally got to pull in a Colossus - Piotr Rasputin into a match and wow does he wreck some stuff just by being active. He took a game for me as well. 

In the end though it was Black Widow and Storm that really pulled it out for me through the six months of competing. Really can't wait for some more. Just waiting on Wizkids to release whats next. 

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men Month 6 Tournament
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I saw this GIF and this is definitely what it is like working in the IT field. 

Just keep the business going without any interruptions.
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Wonderful campaign! Nicely done.

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