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Robert Arias

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I don't share mass mailings often, but this is different. There is a video included of a talk that #BernieSanders organized on the topic of Poverty In America.
I highly recommend watching it.

Here is the letter and video:

Dear friend -

Living in poverty means you are less likely to have a good grocery store in your community selling healthy food. Far too often it means you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from. Living in poverty means you are less likely to have access to a doctor, dentist or mental health care provider. It means you have less access to public transportation, which makes it harder to find a job. It means you are less likely to have access to child care.

In the United of America, poverty is often a death sentence.

Early this month, I spoke about poverty in McDowell County, West Virginia — one of the poorest counties in one of the poorest states in America. In 2014, over 35 percent of the residents in McDowell lived in poverty, including nearly half of the children. The roads are crumbling and only 6 percent of adults have a college education. Less than two-thirds have graduated high school. It has the lowest life expectancy for men in the entire nation. I hope you’ll watch (some excerpts of) my speech on poverty and share it with friends and family on social media.

Thank you.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders speaks about poverty in McDowell County, West Virginia.
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Robert Arias

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Don't miss out on peering your pants! Watch this right away.
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Robert Arias

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I don't think I shared this Ridiculously #FANTASTIC sketch P.O.T.U.S.made.

He may not have accomplished everything I hoped he would in his two terms, but he hasn't stopped fighting for what's right from the beginning. I truly believe he will be long revered for bringing down walls of bigotry and hate and opening the door of the future wider to many who thought they had no hope aspiring for greatness.

Just as importantly, IMHO, he has taught us to keep an open mind, to be patient because REAL CHANGE cannot occur overnight, that we cannot achieve the impossible without envisioning it and striding to the finish line focused on that goal, and he reminded us that Partisan Politics Have NO PLACE When Doing What Is Morally Right.
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Robert Arias

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Have a Rockin' Birthday
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Robert Arias

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Have a great Birthday !!!
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Robert Arias

NSFW - Caution. FU¢#ING NUTS  - 
If you have a pulse, a sense of humor that allows funny vulgarity, and the ability to hear
This Playlist Will Have You ROLLING ON THE FLOOR
#Garfunkel&Oates #Garfunkel #Oates
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Robert Arias

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Purely self benefiting post because I want five more entries
The Netflix 10-Year Subscription Giveaway, Win a Free Decade of Netflix & Catch Every Minute of Frank Underwood and Piper Chapman 'Til the End
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Robert Arias

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What's the old saying?...
I think it's 'The Numbers Don't Lie'

If I'm mistaken, I do apologize.
THESE NUMBERS Definitely Don't Lie Though. Thank you so much for sharing this with me +Rex Dexter
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Robert Arias

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If you haven't watched this, you need to watch this Now before your funny bone slaps you for not watching it sooner.
(Yes I'm aware that was lame, but it's too ROFLMAO to ignore it)
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Robert Arias

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Not sure if this is #FUNNY or Scary that we were warned already by #SesameStreet about #TRUMP
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Robert Arias

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I thought it was just my kids......
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Amazing chicken and sides. The reason I cannot consider five stars is that almost every time I order to go there are mistakes in the order. I've actually had times when they didn't even count the amount of pieces right, let alone that in a mixed twelve piece I had six drumsticks and only one breast. Fyi, for anyone who isn't as obsessed with chicken as my household, a mixed twelve piece is one and one-half chickens or three of each piece. The sides are regularly incorrect as well. You may wonder then why I still gave them four out of five stars. My answer, taste the chicken.
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Before anyone is shocked that I posted a » 4 STAR « rating, let's Be Honest with each other and admit we are discussing a $5 buffet. My review and rating are based on that. That said, Cici's is a Terrific Value at around $5 per person(depending on the deal, coupon, promo, etc). As a parent of 5 children, teens included, I can't replicate the value for "going out to eat". It's not Fine Dining, but it is decent pizzas, a new larger salad bar, and tasty, albeit not so healthy, dessert bar. The best part for our kids is that they get to request special pizzas, no matter the topping count, made the way they want at no extra charge. I GUARANTEE even Little Caesar's can't do that for $5. I hope this review helps families like mine, college kids, or anyone who is budget conscious, but still deserves food they can enjoy.
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This is HANDS DOWN the Best Vietnamese Restaurant in the area. The crepe is delicious and they have a special noodle dish named after the owner's son that is amazing. I'm sorry i don't remember the actual name. Just ask, they will know. The Pho is delicious as well.
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reviewed 2 years ago