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FF9 event in Dissidia keeps this fresh in my mind =D

Remember... Your friends are your power!!

"You've always protected us. But you still don't understand that we looked out for you, too! We watched your back while you watched ours. And we believed in you the same way you believed in us! Just like you protected us... We want to protect you." (Garnet, Final Fantasy IX)


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"Do I need a reason to help someone?" (Zidane, Dissidia: Final Fantasy)

=;) Such heartwarming hope... #FantasyWisdom


I was a former heavy user of Contacts+. Due to the nature of my work, I practically require working on a dual sim phone. Just wanted to know if Contacts+ now supports dual sim phones?

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"Memories can disappear, but feelings don't...not even when your data was reset. Inside your heart, the adventures you shared with the friends you made in the datascape will always live on. And ya know what? I'll bet that's also true for all the time you spent with the folks that those cards showed to you." (Mickey, KH: 2.5 HD Remix - Re:coded)

#FantasyWisdom   #KingdomHearts  

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Shet oonga!!

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#FantasyWisdom  about fighting for someone else's sake... Gotta keep strong...

"Nothing we do here will be in vain. Our efforts will save someone in the next battle." (Yuna, Dissidia 012)

Hi! Me again! New problem...

I recently received another SIM from my work. I just found out that even if I have the default SIM for Text Messages set to "Always Ask", Contacts + doesn't allow me to choose. I can't find a relevant option in Contacts+'s Setting menus either... Help?

Oh my phone is still Qube Colonia

Good day! I recently bought a new Kitkat Phone (Qube Colonia). Contacts+ was working fine except for the last few updates. Now my recent messages either don't display for a contact, or just appear after a significant amount of time. Can anyone help me?

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It is actually possible to have so much fun (...and stress... but mostly fun in hindsight =D) in a month that you can run out of time to upload photos...

... and this is me we're talking about =)))
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