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Where does it hurt?

Is reflexology an effective intervention?
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+Ron Washington perhaps, but clinical studies have shown that an in depth knowledge of this technique and a bottle of cabernet have significantly improved the copulation rates among nerdy white people and gangster/assassins.
I've had it done and I don't think it works, either, but it sure feels nice to have your feet massaged!
Yep, just an excuse to get a foot massage
Well, +Mark Henstock it was a series of expensive foot massages, but sometimes you've just gotta live and learn!
Mind over matter? Can one think themselves healthy to some limit? I know that a person can think themselves into sickness over time. At least to some limit. Emotions and how we react to them that kind of thing.
When I was studying this modality, my mother was in considerable pain due to bursitis in the shoulder. Even as a novice, i was able to alleviate that pain for her permanently where a chiropractor working on her for three months was unable to offer any relief. not dissing the chiropractor, either, I go to one these days. I guess the bottom line is whatever modality WORKS for someone is the one that should be used, especially to alleviate pain!
"CONCLUSION: The best evidence available to date does not demonstrate convincingly that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition."
Has any one really read the link besides reading the questions?
I wonder if this foot massage thing can get sexual for some. Can you get sexually aroused from a foot massage or giving one? Footjobs from foot fetishism I do believe is what it is called.
I don't myself though.
You might have to face the fists of my husband if you are getting one from me. Second I have no sexual interests in things of that kind. I am asexual. :)
Well we still had two children. He has fun and I just don't care much. Meh.
I didn't know what asexuality was until after marriage. I was glad to find out that how I felt was something that others did as well. No big deal really.
So your a foot fetish guy then +Ron Washington ?
No not really wrong just low libido. There is creatures in nature that are not interested in sex 24/7 some actually have other things to do as well.
I can hear you fapping to this. lol
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