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Facebook can go to hell.

Someone please tell Joanne Jackson she is welcome here on +Google
Mother-of-two Joanne Jackson, 40, from Thornhill, West Yorks, had a photo session to celebrate beating cancer. But the social networking site removed them, citing a 'nudity and pornography' rule.
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Facebook should applaud her braveness for posting these photos! She deserves a medal for trying to get breast cancer and the scars into the open. Showing women they don't have to hide themselves.
Just another nail in their Coffin!!!....How in the hell is Surviving Cancer Pornographic....The perversion lies in their lack of Common Sense!
This is something worth sharing, not banning.
this should be celebrated not removed and hidden.
Elisa T
The sheer idiocy is that it's not even a breast! What a brave lady.
Wow, what lunacy.
As a Cancer Survivor, Having half my Face rebuilt because of, Would facebook choose not to allow me to show MY Face!!!!
Elisa T
+Carl Sizelove they also censored a photo of a newborn baby with anecephaly (underdeveloped brain and head) so sadly, they probably would.

More reasons to stay over here, methinks.
They have a long list of this kind of Unfortunate Sensorship!!!!
Yet another tragic Facebook error. My hat is off to Joanne and her strength and fortitude. I wish her all the best.
Ge stuffed Facebook!!!
Elisa T
The flagging over on Facebook is checked by humans, who sometimes get it wrong. I hope it was the case this time but I suspect it was probably no accident.
Elisa T
Someone leaked the "checklist" not long ago which includes some quite weird rules (like violence is ok including severed limbs, but not if there's blood etc).
Facebook did check this and still told here that she could not post it and threatened her with removal of her account. I say Go ahead facebook and Joanne Jackson you are welcome here on G+!
Eff it. I'm posting the link on FB. They can come find me if they have a problem with it.
And +Susan Lewis I'll be right behind you. I have been working on a response to them for a few days Now and My comments will be directed right to Mark Zuckerberg. They can do what they will because I am in the process of letting all my friends and family know that I am leaving facebook. I will not be a Passenger on a Sinking Ship!!!
Facebook got away with many things when there was no alternative. It's over now. 
as a slight deviation on topic, I think this is beautiful how G+ community instantly bands around this in a calm, mature and supportive fashion. Another reason to avoid FB really.
It saddens me that a victory we should be lauding and shouting from the rooftops is tarred with this ridiculous and to me offensive brush, I think it is a sad day when we cannot celebrate with this survivor
Totally in support of Joanne and her efforts!! Everyone should stand up against ignorance.
I support her efforts. But she is naked. Those are still breasts. I been a facebook member for a while and never seen a womans nipples on the site that was public facing. But the truth is Google+ policy is much better. And if she cant show her picture she does not have a cause or cant start a much needed movement.

A simple solution would be for them to allow her to create a page or public group where she can house the pictures and raise awarness for the issue. But FB is so slow and behind on people rights/privacy I doubt if that ever would happen. Tell the lady to switch to G+!!!
Didn't they a while back also banning pics of breastfeeding moms and now this? ignorance.
To all...thanks for the positive comments and to +Phillip Vinson in none of the images I took of Jo do they expose a nipple. The only thing on display is Jo's mastectomy scar. In fairness, how many pictures of men do we see bare chested? The past few weeks have been crazy but good/bad reporting, it has nonetheless raised the issue of breast cancer to the masses.

Here's a link to a few more pics from that same shoot and I do hope you take them in the way we envisaged they would be received ie, not erotic or pornagraphic but rather a message of courage and hope.
Apologies, me again! Here in the UK Joanne was due to appear on the BBC network but the day before they cancelled. The reason they cancelled was from a statement to them from Facebook apparently with FB denying that they took down any photographs, so to protect themselves the BBC bailed...I can understand why. The following day a message was emailed from Ross Parry, a new agency, informing Jo that Facebook retracted the previous days statement but refused to indicate which picture/s then did remove.

I have no objection to anyone/any business making a mistake but not telling the truth is inexcusable.
+Paul Hodgson When you speak with her again will you please extend an invitation on behalf of the Google Plus community for her to join us here. I believe she will find a warm and welcoming community.
cc +Vic Gundotra
This story reminds me... 20 years ago a friend of mine lost the fight and if Joanne Jackson has won it is to say for me "congratulations" and all the best for her future:)

This Facebook thing I found no words...
Facebook, must think they are the authority on everything... They are infringing on peoples privacy and freedom of speech. I wish they could be shut down! PISS OFF Facebook and go F yourself Zuccerburg!!!
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