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Just so we are clear.
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So are PE. lesser PEOPLE?
We PE. want equal status! We should not be judged by our countries width!
Jay Day
No people in Hawaii but there are people waaaaaaaaaay up there in Canada?
+Robert Anderson Would have been perfect with the term "people" translated in every local languages... For we are all the same despite languages but we may not all speak english...
If we really understood that, the world would be a better place to live.
Imagine if EVERYONE where united as HUMAN BEINGS using the net to create a global conscious, we could all be so much more....................... in fact HUGE!
Who are the people in the middle of the south atlantic?
Love this! Even better if you take out the borders!
A global network connecting billions of human beings, and still so few with anything of importance to think or express. Global consciousness? I don't know about "global", and there really isn't a viable alternative, but democracy IS (at the very least) what one could reasonably label "regional" consciousness. I very much doubt that anyone looks out at their own local electorate and thinks, "Wow, we humans have certainly come of age, 'Global Consciousness' has arrived!" Am I missing something here? is there some secret sauce in "the net" that can some how wash the stupidity and self-centered-ness out of the populous? Is there any evidence of this strange and miraculous trapnsinstatiation? Is there a logical and causally based prediction that shows that keyboard connected people are substantially (or even minutely) smarter, wiser, or more "conscious" than they are as individuals? Is there a magic property of the network as communication channel that in some way makes the people logged in smarter? I don't see the physics or physiology or even game theory that would explain the required leap in logic. My guess is that a billion connected idiots are just as idiotic as they are as individuals. My guess is that connecting a billion idiots into the echo chamber that is the internet only serves to whip up idiocy into a mob-like froth of self-indulgent anger. The internet has built of society an endless overlay of simultaneous and superimposed "Lord Of The Flies" insulated and self-referencial peer groups, non of which hindered by or buffered by the control rod that is diversity, all of which at the verge of or well past the point of run away criticality. "Global Consciousness"?
I am all for optimism. It has, after all, been shown to account for statistically insignificant variances. But when optimism is the only thing one can count as support of a theory, or a plan of action… well, we are in trouble.
I bet if you were to just list Oil you would have almost an exact listing of places with US bases
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