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Because the people who start them are not the ones who fight them.
because fucking US companies want global control of resources like oil
On Friday March 21, 2003 a mother whose son was a Marine Corp pilot came to me and asked me to promise her he would return safe. We were having cocktails at the Yacht Club where Ben had learned to sail. I wanted to give her an easy answer but it would have been a lie. I hugged Beth and said that I could not say what she wanted to hear. I said that he was with his brothers, well and duly prepared for the danger he faced and that I could say without hesitation or mental reservation that they would do everything in their power to complete their mission and return safely, but there are no promises in war, no guarantees. The truth was that Ben was the tip of the spear.

15 days later On April 5th at 4 o'clock in the morning there was a knock on the door at a small farmhouse in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Beth screamed in horror before the door was answered and begged Steve not to go down stairs and open the door, because she knew what waited on the other side. Two officers stood in full dress uniform with the news that both Captain Benjamin Sammis call sign Pokey and his weapons officer Travis Ford had been killed in action when his Super Cobra clipped an un charted ground obstruction while performing evasive maneuvers behind enemy lines. My phone rang an hour later with the news, having traveled North into the darkness, I sat in their kitchen that morning and fought back tears over coffee going cold trying to give relief to a brother in arms who had lost a son.

Taps is comprised of exactly 24 of the most gut wrenching notes you will ever hear especially when they are played for someone you love. I promise you that the echo of those 21 guns forever rings in your soul. I was there.

Semper Fidelis
+Robert Anderson this brought tears to my eyes. as a mom, i can feel Beth's pain and sorrow. thank you for this great read and post. it gives insight how heroes lay their lives so we can live freely. i salute you, our fallen heroes and their bereft families. God bless
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the US army voluntary?
and isn't the US almost perpetually in war?
So anyone that goes into the US army knows that they are going to get into a real war (or more than one) and there is a good chance they will be killed. +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral and +Robert Anderson maybe these people should have been teaching their kids not to go to war and understand that war is not glorious but a horrible experience that even if it does not kill you will leave you scarred.

I am sorry if I'm raining on your parade, but most people and countries that are dragged into wars and have their lives destroyed do not get the chance to choose if they want to go there or not, and it is often the availability of these kids you are talking about that makes these wars possible.
+Panagiotis Alexiou That's a very simplistic way to look at it. You could also say, "Isn't driving voluntary? Don't people drive every day to work? So, anyone that gets into a car knows that they are going to drive (probably more than once) and there is a good chance they will be killed."

The military offers people, especially poor people that don't have a lot of options, a free education, training, and a pension. For young men (and women) that don't have a lot of options, the risk / reward balance tends to favor reward... especially for young people starting families.
+David Bleecher I know that. Being a mercenary (soldiering for a salary) is a good job for people that don't care about killing other people for a living.

Maybe my point was not given correctly. I think that especially the US society does not understand how horrible war really is, and there is some strange notion that if you go to war you are going into a glorious adventure.

I would not equate it with driving, I would equate it with being a stunt driver or something equally dangerous - but you know the risks beforehand and you take them.

Most people involved in wars (civilians and soldiers) never get a chance to choose.
+Panagiotis Alexiou People who join the military don't want to be in a war, just as people who drive don't want to be in an accident. War isn't decided upon by soldiers, it's decided on by politicians. Soldiers just finish the mission. I don't think that anyone believes that war is glorious.
+David Bleecher about war is glorious: from a comment in this very thread I quote:

"it gives insight how heroes lay their lives so we can live freely. i salute you, our fallen heroes and their bereft families. God bless"

also that is why I said that as the US is in PERPETUAL war, it is a certainty that if you enroll in the army you WILL go to war eventually.

I'm sorry if I'm going against the sentimental responses, but I really think that we should be teaching children that war is atrocious in all its forms and to be avoided by all means, and people that take part in it are either deluded or cold-hearted mercenaries. It is NOT just another job, and you are NOT a hero for killing your fellow man/woman/child because someone told you to do it.
+Panagiotis Alexiou That's what's known as anecdotal evidence. Also, viewing soldiers as heroes for protecting their country (just by volunteering to be soldiers, that alone is a brave decision) doesn't mean that +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral believes that war is glorious. I highly doubt that she does. But, you're right, if you feel strongly that you should teach children that war is wrong, then you should start a school / program / even a your own thread on the subject. Coming into a thread involving people losing relatives and loved ones to war is a douche move. The way that you present your point helps no one. Maybe your own ego and sense of self-righteousness, but nothing else. Just a heads up as to how you're viewed in this particular thread.
I thought I was being polite and having a discussion, but I guess not. Well, if anyone was offended I apologise.

Teach your kids that war is wrong and save their lives. Don't tell them they are heroes for going to their death so that a few people can make money. Good luck to anyone that is caught up in this madness or has loved ones in warzones, and I wish good strength to all the victims of war coming from any country in the world.

----- this part is on the philosophical premise - don't read if you don't care to hear what I believe ----

+David Bleecher it is anecdotal evidence but very common as well. Also please don't call me a douche because you disagree with what I said. If I was talking in a thread for people that lost their kids to drugs and was saying that "don't glorify drug use, teach your kids to avoid them, good luck to anyone that is caught up in this" you would not be objecting. I think that going to war when you can choose not to (i.e. if the war is not waged in your own country and there is no obligatory draft) is equivalent to doing heroin. There are many social reasons etc but in the end you choose to put yourself in a life-threatening situation without good reason. In some way I think you believe that war is a justified and sane way of solving differences and that having your child's life lost or ruined because of a decision like that can be justified. Good luck.
I agree this isn't the appropriate place for this discussion.
Incredibly sad story Robert but that definetly needed to be shared, shared for what it is. Nice also that I'm back for you. Stephanie
Oh, and Julie and David... really? I'm not going to say another word to you or anyone else about this. People make their own decisions, lives are lived and lost sometimes. Breathe please.
I have had a bad day.

War is the result of incompetent diplomacy. It is not something that any sane person I have ever worked with in the military seeks or glorifies. The lasting consequences of war are just as abhorrent if not more so as the act itself. There is only pain, suffering and the willful mutilation of our humanity. The headband on my helmet when I was a combat medic said it best.

"Only the dead see the end of war." - Plato
+Robert Anderson very well said.

as we are doing quotes:

"The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service." - Albert Einstein
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