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Setting up Continuous Integration on
Simple Scan recently migrated to the new infrastructure. With modern infrastructure I now have the opportunity to enable Continuous Integration (CI), which is a fancy name for automatically building and testing your software when you make c...
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Anyone want an opportunity to have their article published?

I know I often harp on about needing articles, but now I have nothing in reserve. Full Circle Magazine receives thousands of downloads each month yet very few articles are submitted. The only thing keeping FCM afloat, at the moment, is the regular writers who appear every month, and frequently. This month in particular (November) has been hard as a couple of regulars can't submit this month (and they do deserve some time off!). So, expect a thinner than normal PDF this issue.

I know you're probably tired at the end of your day, but take a few minutes to write something. 'I'm too busy' isn't an excuse. I work a full-time job and do this voluntarily. As do the regular writers. There are days when I can't be bothered doing this, but I do it. I don't want to let you guys down. As I know a lot of you enjoy reading Full Circle.

So, please, write something for the magazine. It's your magazine after all. It's your place to say what you think. Show what you do. And to help others.

Some writing ideas:

NOTE: where I say Ubuntu/Linux it can be any flavour/distro.

Write a piece about your thoughts on Ubuntu/Linux:
- What you like/dislike?
- What you'd like to see added/removed?
- What helps/hinders you in your daily use?

What made you start using Ubuntu/Linux?
- Is there anything you miss from another OS?

Review a piece of software you regularly use.
- For games give a rating out of five stars

Review a Linux book that you recently enjoyed.

Help people learn new things:
- Write an article showing how to use a piece of software. Even just showing the basics is helpful.
- Be sure to include screenshots (JPG format)
If you're feeling adventurous then write a series of articles showing a piece of software.
- It can be as long/short as you choose.

Is there something we're missing?
- If you have an idea for an article/series/column we're not currently covering then write about that too. We're always open to new ideas.

Email your articles to:

Here's hoping we can keep this going for another ten years!

Thank you!
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Great to see an old project of mine come back to life. Nice work by +Brian Douglass and +Joan CiberSheep to add lots of improvements!
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Retiring my Ubuntu Phone after 1000 days
With some sadness I recently replaced my Ubuntu Phone with a Nexus 5. It lasted me just over 1000 days (almost three years) as my everyday phone, and I last wrote about it at the 500 mark . Even though this is the end for me and Ubuntu Phone the hope of a t...
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Snappy Sprint - London June 2017
I recently attended a Snappy Sprint in London, UK. As well as the Canonical people attending (including me) with experience in the whole Snappy stack (Snapcraft, the Snap store, snapd, snapd-glib) we had great representation from the Elementary, Fedora, GNO...
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Back to GNOME
With recent changes in Ubuntu I found myself suddenly swung back into the GNOME orbit. It’s been a long journey and my GNOME contributions had reduced over time bug it’s good to be back! Iain has written an excellent post about the challenges we face trying...
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I made a new game but as you can probably tell from the icon my artisitic ability is not great... So I'd love someone to contribute some better assets (two svgs for in-game and one icon).

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Why is it 2016 and both infant seats and car anchor points (or lack thereof) are so badly designed...
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Fancy making £40?
The Canonical Web Team is conducting research interviews to test a prototype of the new website. Participants will receive a £40 Amazon voucher. The only prerequisite is to be a developer for Ubuntu (please bear in mind that Canonical employees can not participate).

The interviews will be conducted via Google hangout so you will need a good internet connection. They will last 60 minutes and run from Tuesday, 27th September to Thursday, 29th September between 9am-6pm UK time.

If you would like to take part please fill out this form:
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