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These parodies starts to get a little old, but this one was really funny*, Hilter uses Docker...

*funny only if you follow the subject of Docker and tech in general.
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Configuring the Dart analyzer

That you can do this is not exactly news, but still a nice feature that everyone might not use, I sure did not before today... I just added a ".analysis_options" file to one of my project that contains some old outdated code, I don't want to delete it yet since it should be refactored, but at the same time I don't have time to do that right now. 

Until just now I've have had my analyzer output full of those warning that I just ignore, I can still find the relevant warnings but the irrelevant output still gets in the way of productivity.

Now with a 3 line analyzer config file the analyzer gives me zero errors. I can focus the important stuff and see the relevant errors and warnings quicker!

If you recognize the pattern of:

"I have those files that gives me warnings/errors, but I know they are safe to ignore, I have more important things to fix."

Then consider adding a ".analysis_options" to your #dartlang  project to get a more clear focus on the code that matter the most to you right now!
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Happy to hear that, no problem! :)
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A new Dart book is out:

"The Dart Programming Language"

Written by: Gilad Bracha.

For those who don't know, Gilad is the specification lead on the Dart project, so he really knows what he is talking about. I had the pleasure of talking a little bit with Gilad about Dart earlier this year at the Dart Summit in San Francisco, and I must say he is both a very smart and nice guy. I'm really looking forward to reading this book! 

Congrats to the book release +Gilad Bracha, I'm sure there have been lots of hours of work behind it! 

My book on Dart is available in physical form today. Thanks to all that made it finally happen after so many delays.
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Another great #dartlang  slide deck by +Jana Moudrá, the slides from her talk at DevFest Ukraine. A recording of the session might appear online sometime in November a trusted source told me... 

Check out the slides:

And the associated code lab:

Blog post about the event:
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Thanks for sharing :-)
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Just updated to Android 5.0 the other day, coming from Android 2.X previously... hehe Nice upgrade I must say.. :) I feel a bit like an old person discovering new features, that in fact has been around for a while... 

My two first installed apps so far is Spotify and Sky Demo, if people have any app tips feel free to add a comment. 

Phone upgrade:
Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica compared to Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
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No I'm not worried in any way either, just wanted to point that out. 

I'm quite sure that an interpreted Dart VM like Fletch can never become as fast as the "normal" Dart VM, just because of how it's built. Therefor I think the Dart VM is not going anywhere, and Fletch will live alongside. There is a very clear reason/motivation to keep both, as long as Dart on mobile is successful that is (otherwise I think it's more likely that Fletch would be removed, but I think Dart on mobile will be successful and neither is removed). Remember that the primary reason for Fletch being interpreted is iOS dumb rules that prohibits running a JIT VM... I think Fletch the VM is primarily for iOS, only an interpreted VM can run there, whereas the concurrency concepts from Fletch as a project they come there first but will later propagate over to the normal Dart VM as well.

I don't remember 100% but I think I talked to +Kasper Lund or someone else at the Dart Summit about Fletch on the server, and I'm quite sure the plan is to port over the concurrency concepts that you are interested in over to the Dart VM, and then you can get both high performance and a potentially better concurrency model. That's why I guess i got a bit hang up on the "Fletch on the server for performance" part, because I don't think that is going to happen. 

Basically what I'm saying is that the project "Fletch" contains two new things, an interpreted VM and new concurrency concepts. When I read Fletch I think of the VM primarily, because that is the main part of the project I think. And yeah, I quite sure that if the new concurrency model is found to be beneficial that will be ported over to the Dart VM as well.
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#dartlang  keeps getting better and better, Dart 1.14 is out! :)
#dartlang 1.14 is now available!
Dart 1.14 is now available. This release contains a number of additions and improvements across our core libraries and our tools. Progress towards eliminating symbolic links Symbolic links for package resources can cause prob...
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Dart task runners

This topic has been up before but I wanted to check how the status is today, most discussions are quite old. From my research we currently have two Dart task runners, Grinder and Hop that are written in Dart and Dart specific. 

Reading the existing discussions it seems like Grinder has become more popular (it also has more Github stars for what that's worth). Personally I don't really use any of them at the moment, but having tried them both a little now I think I'm leaning towards Grinder.

So, what are you opinions on this?

This vote is mostly about these two tools, so you don't have to use one of them extensively to vote for it, think of the vote like this:

If you would find the need for a task runner in you next project, which one of these two options would you choose?

The last option I guess speaks for itself, choose that if you would not want to use either Grinder or Hop and instead want a new Dart tool or if you just would prefer to use a task runner from some other language instead (Grunt/Gulp etc..).
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Neither, Dart need a new task runner
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Yeah it did sound very similar. No problem, happy I could point it out for you.. :)
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Great news for Dart, and for web developers at large, Microsoft will stop supporting older versions of IE. While things won't change over night, it certainly will make a lot of businesses that today run an older IE version (without Dart support) upgrade to a newer and safer browser (that also supports Dart).
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While I'm very glad to see this happen, do you suppose it's a coincidence that Microsoft is forcing users on older OSs to switch on automatic updates on the same date they say they are going to start pushing Windows 10 automatic upgrades to Windows 7 users? ;)
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I think the new Google plus design for desktop is a big step in the wrong direction.

I get "mobile first", sure, but this new design is a mobile only design... The same way really old web sites are desktop only designs.. While desktop users might be in a decline, I like to believe they/we are still enough to care about?

The new design is simply bad on a big screen, why? Because it's a design for small screens... Different sized screens require different design layout, otherwise one will suffer. You don't need 10 different, that's a waste of energy to develop, but at least two, for desktop and mobile/tablet sized screens.

This is exactly the same thing that happened before "the mobile revolution", history repeating itself, but then it was "desktop only" sites that we bad on mobile but good on desktop. Going the other way around doing a design that is good on mobile and bad on desktop, being a company like Google, I think is just sad... I can get a small company that can't afford the engineering effort or that don't have the talent, but yeah, I think Google should have that, one good designer is all that is needed really at the base of it, and I think Google have plenty of great designers.

Note: +Linus Torvalds post is a bit more specific, and I agree that it's the columns that is my biggest issue with the new design as well.

Please +Eddie Kessler or +Luke Wroblewski or whoever else is responsible at Google, consider making the number of columns dynamic. It's easy to do a responsive grid... Just because some designer or project manager gets a nice feeling because it's 2 columns on all devices, thinking, "great consistent experience", that is not a good reason. It's logically consistent, sure, but it's bad for the desktop users in practice. It's still a consistent experience even if you change the grid to be dynamic/responsive, changing to a 2-3 or even 2-5 responsive column design (making the experience great for those with big high res monitors). While it's true that mobile is growing, it's also true that it's becoming more and more common with bigger screen for desktops, simply because of price. I think making the number of columns dynamic would make a huge difference, please consider this and take it up at some meeting.

And the "+1" functionally on comments, why force desktop users to double click?!? It's a terrible design, I think lots of people will simply stop "+1" on comments because of this... Please implement a "hover enabled single click +1" design, or some other single click design. Again you can enable this only on desktop and/or screens bigger than X*Y.

Don't let the users suffer just because it's a little bit easier for developers to have one single way of doing everything, a finger and a mouse pointer are very different, pressing the "+1" button that appears while hovering is a great user experience in the old design (using a mouse pointer). Don't force desktop users to use a weird double click finger optimized design, many users will simply stop using "+1" on comments and that is a terrible thing to happen for any type of social application, it simply lowers user engagement.

Design changes that lowers user engagement is bad for both Google and the Google plus users as a group. 

#webdesign   #webdevelopment   #gplus   #design  
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100% agree.

From an Apps users point of view (my company use G+ heavily) the new G+ is a disaster. It doesn't live-update, there are fewer posts available on screen, events are apparently gone and it is an utter pain to write private messages. It takes several clicks to not share a post with the entire organisation.

Not a single one of my employees like it. Not one.

If Google force this "update" on us, we will have to look elsewhere for a better tool. Heck, I might even consider leaving Google Apps completely, as this certainly makes me very nervous about what they will radically change next. Gmail? Drive? Calendar? Groups?

I run a business. I need to be able to trust that the tools we use are not massively changed from day to day.
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When you start doing refactoring on a bigger project you really see the big benefits of using a language with great tooling. In a situation like this #dartlang 's tooling support really helps you become more productive.
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Refactoring is the bane of my existence!  :D
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