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How to debug your Dart apps with Webstorm.

#dartlang   #webstorm  
I wrote a tutorial about debugging dart in webstorm. It explains the basic of breakpoints, how to show the live value of selected code, and how to manage breakpoints once you have a lot of them:
Beyond print statements
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Indeed :)
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New #dartlang  book, congrats to the release +Martin Sikora! :)
Congrats to Martin Sikora on his new book, "Dart Essentials" !

"Design and build full-featured web and CLI apps using the powerful Dart language and its libraries and tools"

Check it out at
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If you are close to Aarhus, checkout this Dart event at 3 PM today, just one hour left... #dartlang  
Setting up for our Dart event at 3 PM today in Aarhus. The presentations and codelabs are good to go and of course you're all invited to this free event. #dartlang #iwdk 
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Star fishing, throwing out a bait in the gplus ocean...

I really think this issue would be great for #dartlang , but it's development seems to have been stalled for some reason, maybe not enough stars? I think Polymer 1.0 is really closing in now, meaning even more js Polymer components will appear soon that we want to reuse in Dart programs, if you agree, go ahead and give it a star!
Dart - Structured Web Programming
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Hi +Günter Zöchbauer, well, not really, there is no direct dependency on the version of Polymer for this issue. An update of Polymer.dart will happen shortly after Polymer.js 1.0 has been released, but I would not say that it is a blocker for working on this issue. 

Even if no code is written I think maybe the biggest part of this issue is to complete the "rough plan" that they currently have for how to do this. I think the design of how to handle this the best way is the hardest part. I don't think the implementation of this will be effected too much of the Polymer 1.0 release, there are lots of js components of the same version as Dart's that could be used during development.

Yeah, the custom-element-apigen is cool, but it does not really solve the issue for the average Dart programmer.
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Dart SDK Roadmap for 2015 and the start of 2016. #dartlang  

Dart Summit keynote
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If you wants charts for your #dartlang  app, checkout the Charted package, used by the Ads team at Google.

I just sent in two pull requests to the Charted package. I must say that I had seen the package before, but at the same time missed it because the README did not catch my eyes enough to really download and try it out.

Talking to +Ferhat Buyukkokten at the Dart Summit was a bit of an eye opener I must say. I downloaded the package today and it's very nice! It even provides a sleek demo so you can try out the different charts without even writing a single line of code. However, the README does not mention this, and the examples was in the web directory instead of the example dir. So that's what my 2 pull requests hope to fix.

Here is a link to the README with instructions (and screenshot) how to get started (note, for the current version of charted (before my pull request) skip "example" after pub run since they currently live in the web dir):

Pull requests:
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it work perfectly :) you can see an use here : sorry for the crappy code but i had to do it very quickly...
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Great #dartlang  article by +Monty Rasmussen, check it out! 
Celebration time! My first Dart article for SitePoint has been published. Read it, do it, pass it along... The more hits this thing generates, the more likely they'll take more Dart stuff. (I've already got a few more ready to go.)

Go, go, go!

Monty Rasmussen demonstrates how you can harvest all the benefits of Node.js (plus a few more) when you use Dart and the Redstone framework on the server.
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Great news that Dart has finally completed it's transfer over to Github! I know it's been a lot of work, it's a big project, thanks to everyone who made this transfer happen!

I think this makes it easier for Dart to get even more external contributors, looking forward to follow Dart's progress on Github.

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Couldn't have said it better myself, it will be so nice to finally get a 1.0 version of Polymer, really looking forward to this release.
Looking forward to Polymer 1.0, 0.9 is kickass #Polymer . Can't wait to get 1.0 into +Dart 
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A dialog element, pretty cool.
Introduction to the dialog element. Don't forget to checkout my demo as well!
Many processes on the web these days require users’ full consent in order to be completed. For example, users may need to remove an account, change their username, or confirm a monetary transaction. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length: Quick; Tags: HTML5, JavaScript
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Gotthards Krog, just a couple of hundred meters away from our office, is part of the guardian list of 10 of the world's coolest restaurant interiors. 

Gotthards is owned by the same investor that supports and have invested in DartVoid.
From a modern diner in an old chapel to a white-washed cabinet of curiosities decorated with 10,000 animal bones, Gestalten’s new book, Let’s Go Out Again, features some of the most unusual and spectacular restaurant interiors around the world. We’ve picked 10 of the most impressive
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New discussion group for #dartlang 's Observatory, I agree with +Matthew Butler, I also need to start using it more.  
Matthew Butler originally shared to Dartiverse:
Dart Observatory (Profiler for Dart) now has it's own discussion group. This is an extremely versatile tool that I really need to get a better grasp on myself.

Don't forget to check out the video on using Observatory for Debugging and Profiling from the Dart Summit as well:
Dart VM Observatory Discuss. Check out the Observatory docs.
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