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Interesting post, it sure is a nice setup with Nginx+Dart+Mongo... 
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I couldn't agree more. DartVoid has a very similar stack to what your using, and we have been using it for a while. In the long run we would like to support more databases but mongodb will come out of the box from day 1. Will be fun to see what you think of it! We're doing some of the last testing right now. 
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What is the best way to download an older release of the Dart SDK?

I remember before that I could find urls for older releases but can't seem to find any now. If I want to download Dart SDK 1.0 for example, is that release still available somewhere?
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Thanks +Anthony Bobenrieth, that was exactly what I was looking for!
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Microsemi updates the Igloo series of FPGAs with Igloo2.

The two biggest changes I notices was:
* New node, goes from 130 nm with Igloo to 65 nm with Igloo2.
* The old "VersaTile" is not replaced by a more "industry standard like" 4LUT based logic block solution.
* Some new hard IP for memory, communication and the likes
* New bigger logic elements range 6,060-146,124 (LUT4 + DFF)

For people not familiar with the Igloo/ProASIC3 families the biggest differentiator is the fact that they are build on a Flash process, compared the common SRAM. The Igloo family was also very small in packages sizes, same architecture as ProASIC3 but smaller packages. Some pros of the flash process is that no external memory is needed for the bitstream, you get a fast startup and low power consumption. They also have a "flash freeze" function that works more or less like the sleep function on your PC, if used correctly a MCU can "freeze" the FPGA at times it's not needed to save power without completely shutting it off. In theory a great feature, not sure how much it can be used in practice. Possible drawbacks, I think, would be that the flash process should in theory be slower. I don't think you can run them as fast as SRAM based FPGAs but would be fun to hear if someone have compared them, just reading some datasheets might give a good hint. The biggest device is still not as big as some from competitors. The Libero tools might not be as good as Xilinx and Alteras, just my opinion, but best is to try it out yourself.. Price wise I'm not sure how the prices weigh up, always hard to compare in general...

Interesting devices either way, I like what I see, a subsidized devkit for $99 will become available in September (standard price $300), looks like a nice devkit. 

12 minute video introducing the new line, a little bad sound but otherwise good video:

#FPGA   #Microsemi   #Igloo2  
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Yeah. I hope the smaller form factors will come quite soon. They are very interesting when you don't need the microcontroller subsystem of the SF2.
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Man, testing is fun when things work!

Just spun up 10 backend Dart workers with a few REST calls (10 to be exact..). Then abused them with some F5 terror.. :P At the same time I watched in a separate window how each of them created multiple new connections and saw how they simultaneously worked off the requests...

Sure each of them did not do anything spectacular, just an HTTP request of from server side, but still really cool to see it working... :D

#dartlang   #dartvoid    
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+Chris McClelland, sure I agree. But when you have been working on something for a very long time, seeing that particular test work for the first time, beats finding interesting bugs any day... ;) 
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Robert Åkerblom-Andersson

FPGA news  - 
Intel is letting Microsemi use their foundry services, that makes it the forth FPGA company. More specifically "Intel's revolutionary 22 nanometer (nm) 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology".

Interesting that the news release say that the deal was signed in January. The public statement that Altera was going to use Intels process was released in February 25:

Makes me wonder how many more deals they signed in January... 

I think it makes sense for Intel to let in "non direct competitors" to use their fabs. Fabing FPGA's seem like a good fit, not a direct competitor while at the same time a market that benefits from the same high speed logic transistors as Intel processors. 

Good news for all FPGA developers anyways I think. As long as Intel stays ahead of other companies in terms of fab capacity and have smaller nodes, I believe FPGAs will get a better price/performance ratio compared to competing technologies. The possible downside I guess is that this whole Intel collaboration might only be the very very high end FPGAs, and most engineers hence might not notice any difference... 
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Additionally, Altera, Tabula and Achronix have deals with Intel to use Intel as their foundry for high performance FPGA products -

You are correct regarding the FPGA designs - the bulk of the silicon area is the memory, logic and interconnect array which provides a very nice repeatable structure to dial in the fabrication process.

And the cost to develop a 22 nm or 14 nm fab is well beyond what many companies can initially afford, let alone keep running at sufficient capacity with just their own products, so it really is a good deal for both Intel and the fabless semi companies that contract with them.
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In honor of the day I give you the Nilakantha series in Dart! 

void main() {
  // Start value (also the first plus iteration)
  double pi = (3.0 + (4.0 / (2.0 * 3.0 * 4.0)));
  // Show pi for first iteration
  print("0.0 $pi");
  // Calculate pi by doing minus, plus, minus, plus, minus... 
  for(int i = 4; i < 24; i = i + 2) {
    if(i % 4 == 0) {
      pi -= (4.0 / (i * (i+1.0) * (i+2.0)));
    } else {
      pi += (4.0 / (i * (i+1.0) * (i+2.0)));
    // Show pi for each iteration
    print("${i/2 - 1} $pi");

#dartlang   #piday  
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Has anyone in here tried FreeBSD on Azure? Now with FreeBSD 10 and Hyper-V support integrated in the base system it should run good I guess, but have anyone in here tried it?

I tried myself yesterday to upload and run the FreeBSD 10 RELEASE VM snapshot:

But unfortunately the size of the image was not in even MB, so it failed because of that. I have plans to build an image myself and try it but so far I have not gotten the time yet. 

So, any experiences with Azure? 
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Robert Åkerblom-Andersson

Discussion  - 
Something that irritated me and that lowered my view of
+latticesemi as a brand was when I saw that they removed their old videos from Youtube!

To be honest, most of embedded tech companies videos suck, many of them are really terrible. And I have watched lots of them... But then there were something like 2 videos from Lattice Semi that really stuck out, that were funny and that made an interested person like myself to post about the video on social networks like Google plus. Then Lattice removed those videos? Why? Sure maybe not everyone find them as funny, I get that. However it does not matter, if you put a video out there you should stand up for it and not put it down.

Well, maybe I'm overreacting a bit, I don't know. I'm just disappointed, those videos gave me a better view of Lattice as a company, that they had a sense of humor. These actions somewhat gives the reverse effect and then some. Why remove the funny videos?

On a sidenote, apparently element14 have reposted the videos, not sure if it's with or without permission, but the sound is quite bad and it does not effect the actions of Lattice's marketing department.
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Despite being not half as well-integrated as the X and A offerings I found the tools working pretty well. After a few hours of complaining to myself that I wasn't in a Rolls Royce I realized I hadn't had a single crash and was getting decent results on both my Win7 main box and my Win8 laptop.
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Could not agree more, they have done it again!

JavaZone (Norwegian Java conference) has the best tech conference promotional videos in the world! Well done!
LOL. My hat's off to JavaZone crew... once again. Best trailer ever.
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This is so well done!
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Live close to Umeå? Come and join our Google IO Extended event! 
Robert Åkerblom-Andersson originally shared:
Google IO är Googles årliga utvecklarkonferens och går av stapeln 15-17 maj i San Francisco. Vi som inte har möjlighet att vara plats kan ta del av konferensen via Google IO Extended. Den 15 maj kommer vi att visa keynote och sedan två spår från Google IO.

"Formell anmälan" görs på Eventbrite (kräver ej google plus konto):

17:00-18:00 Wraps och dryck
18:00-19:30 Google I/O Keynote (streamat från USA)
19:30-22:00 Kvällen fortsätter med streamade föreläsningar, mingel, mat och dricka

Det kommer att finnas möjlighet att hålla open space diskussioner, blixttal och workshops. Vår förhoppning är att vi kan skapa en kreativ stämning där vi kan dela erfarenheter och idéer. Sharing is caring

Intresserad av att sponsra detta event? Kontakta oss på eller skriv en fråga eller kommentar här i eventet.
Umeå IO Extended 2013
Wed, May 15, 2013, 11:00 AM
Sogeti Umeå 19 Döbelnsgatan 90330 Sverige

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