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High Volume Wildlife Circle 2.0

I originally shared this as the Top Wildlife circle some months ago, but have decided to rename it to High Volume Wildlife. I felt uncomfortable calling it a top wildlife circle because there are quite a few fantastic wildlife photographers I have left out. I wanted this circle to provide a high volume of wildlife flowing through the stream at all times. So there are many excellent wildlife photographers who share quite a few other types of images that I have left out to maintain the high volume of wildlife. I recommend making this its own circle even if you already have a wildlife circle. I usually go to this circle when I want to see a ton of wildlife photography. Enjoy!

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I think the change in name makes sense.

Thank you, again, for your efforts compiling and sharing this list, and thank you for including me.
Great circle! Thanks for including me!
Thanks for the inclusion and work you put into maintaining this circle!
Thanks Robby. Great work.
Hi +Robby Bowles this is great work, thank you very much for it, makes my organising a bit easier with all the circles. Thanks for including me I am flattered :) Have a great day
Thanks for the inclusion - I'm Honored!
Thanks for including me within this great group of photogs +Robby Bowles! Will add this circle to my circles!
+Robby Bowles This is an excellent wildlife circle. I've tried to post a number of wildlife images and would appreciate it very much if you would consider adding me to the list. Thanks very much!.
Hi, I would like to be added to the circle, I haven't been posting as much as usual right now but that is temporary. I notice you don't have +Jeff Clow or +Hans Wobbe , check them out.
+Donna Shreck I'm actually quite confused because I was certain I already had you in this circle. I must have accidentally unclicked it at some point. Sorry about that, I have added you back in.

I will definitely check out Jeff and Hans.
What great list. Thanks for including me amongst such respected wildlife photographers. Very kind.
Thank you for having me Robby! Greatly appreciated!
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