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I love Bald Eagles, plain and simple. I have loved them since I was a kid. I recently found out the lake nearby has a pretty sizable population of these gorgeous eagles. I have been living here for a year with no idea! I immediately gathered up my gear the first chance I had and headed out to attempt to photograph them. The lake is fairly large and there are only a dozen or so on the lake, so it took me quite a few times out to get a decent photo. This is the first of what I hope is many photos of the locals.

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#WildlifeWednesday (curated by +Mike Spinak)
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Great shot, such magnificent birds!
Thanks +Rich Pollett, they really are incredible. I got to watch them fish for a bit, too far away to get a good shot, but it was still an impressive site.
Cool pics! The Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge is down the road from me, and I have seen them flying around while out boating, and was even able to catch a sight of a nest or two from time to time. Truly an incredible sight to see.
+Noel Beale yeah, I hear VA has quite a few bald eagles as well. I always associated Bald Eagles with a different part of the country and was surprised to find them in this region.
Extremely beautiful; I love the feathers.
They are so fierce looking, nice shot.
+Noel Beale My pleasure. :)
Earlier in the day it will be back in color, it's in infrared night mode right now. The same couple returns there each year. Last year they had another 3 chicks too.
Have heard a good bit about the condor. But these birds don't seem to be any less magnificent. Great shot !!
Beautiful shot of one of my favorite subjects!
i love eagles too and it is a wished for moment to see one in the wild, the photo would be a bonus :D
+Cooksterz Littlefield yeah, most of the time I see them I can't get a good photo, but I never feel bad about it. Just seeing them do their thing is amazing, photo or not. Watching them fish is amazing.
That's a great shot and you seem to have got up quite close too!
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