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I suspect the Android side here is just a mock-up, but on the odd chance that it's not, where do I find the Human-looking Android theme? Looks slick.
My friend says that your her favourite singer!
Why do all my ideas keep being done before I can get out into the world?
I have a question: is this the end of Ubuntu-Phone?
I don't get the point of this. If the dock were something you could fold up in your pocket and always have with you, then fine. But a non-portable dock like this that can only be in one place will cost as much as a cheap PC, so why not get a cheap PC and run Linux on it (or Windows) and have a standalone machine that can operate independently of the phone?

This sounds exactly like the Motorola Atrix phone and dock. You can buy that today, but no one does, because the dock is over $400 and of course you can get a PC for that.
I had an Atrix...this is not "exactly like" it at all, which is why I don't anymore. When the Atrix docked into the lapdock, it brought up a very restricted and old Ubuntu-based OS (Jaunty). It was nothing more than a glorified web browser and video player. You couldn't even install applications from software center. What Canonical has announced today (and I've seen in person) is a fully functioning Ubuntu Desktop running in your phone simultaneously. The "dock" could be a laptop form factor or whatever a manufacturer dreams of.
I understand +Robbie Williamson and this does sound better than the Atrix. but nevertheless how is it any better than a real laptop or desktop running Ubuntu whether the phone is plugged in or not? You can pretend that the standalone machine is a dock and plug the phone into it via USB for Internet tethering and file transfer. But if you unplug the phone, the machine keeps on running. Why isn't that better?
The other big problem with this idea is that the dock runs Linux, not Windows, so it isn't going to be that exciting for non-geeks.
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