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I cant find some tv shows but theyre on any ideas why?

When I get a notification, my screen constantly turns off and on which drains the battery. I wouls like it to only turn on once without having to clear the notification. Is there a way to change it?

Hey Jeremy. The last few updates in the app keep telling me I dont have the themeable gapps installed. I flashed them again, and it still tells me that.

I understand that it is not supported but I wanted to let everyone know that you can run Xposed on Tesla 6. It is curre tly running on my g3 without issue. However, your mileage may vary.

Would it be possible to theme the official Facebook app? Ive tried all of the alternatives and always go back.

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Using Tesla OMS on my G3. Flashed themeable google pack. Not sure why I get this when clicking a post in G+

Yesterday while in a phone call, I tried using the speaker but was unable to be heard. It worked fine on stock. Is this a known issue? LG G3.

I accidentally removed the dialer from my dock and dont see it in the app drawer. How can I get it back? I tried going into the contacts thinking I might be able to do it that way but no luck.

Is there a way to use Xposed with Tesla? There's a few things I wish I could get back. Like the ability to use YouTube in the background, and block ads in the app.

Hey Tesla devs. First, thanks for the great ROM. I have one small problem though. When I try to take a screenshot from the power menu, it says either I have no space(not true) or the app is not allowed. What can I do? Latest Tesla on G3 D852.
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