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Four key features of Samsung Gear S2
South Korean MNC Samsung Electronics on Monday unveiled its newest smartwatch, the Gear S2, with a circular face and more battery life than the App...
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I mean I really like the design...but...yea
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Robbie Adams

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+Robbie Adams​ yeah you're right she's not crazy enough my bad 😂😂😂
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But... But... But... But... It just works!
Jailbroken iPhones target of malware attack - A new wave of iOS malware that attacks jailbroken iPhones, has resulted in the theft of 225,000 credentials related to iOS users' Apple IDs. The results include app purchases that are 100% fraudulent. In some cases, legitimate users cannot unlock their iPhones. These units are often held for ransom. The "KeyRaider" malware has been discovered on jailbroken iPhones throughout the world, including the U.S. the U.K. By "Jailbreaking" an iPhone, use...
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+Terry Boccarossa that isn't entirely true is it?  You don't need root to install apk's that might not be legit, right?
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Depending on how decent the iPhone 6s Plus is... I might jump ship...
You can put all Google services on it and no supports Android Wear...

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Sue P
All phones have their issues! I could tell stories of the things that go wrong with phones. I can also tell stories of all the dumb things people do to their phones and blame the manufacturer.
Before you jump on the i hate Samsung train or the Apple sucks boat just remember at the moment phones are only as smart as the operator!! 
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WTF is wrong with this picture people?!? 
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A brave 5 year old who lost his fight to brain cancer receives a Superhero Funeral... And most fitting because this boy WAS a Superhero!
Rest in Peace...
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HTC job cuts: make that 2,300 + 600
The should start with all the CEO'S and upper management.... 
We already know from earlier this month that HTC is planning to layoff 15 percent of its workforce (about 2,300 employees) in its cost-cutting ef...
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+Justin P
HTC continues to make poor business decisions and the average worker at the company pays the price and the CEO's and upper management staff wall away... Typical 
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"But... But... But... But... But... Screw it... I am a hypocrite"
Ben Carson
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And they tell us the police are educated and trained professionals?
Police now are clearly unable to comprehend any sort of normal behaviour.
Police in Fargo, North Dakota nearly killed two NDSU students, and it was all because officers thought their telescope was a rifle, and their sweater was a "tactical vest." University students Levi Joraanstad and Colin Waldera were both setting...
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And they wonder why that deputy got shot and why people want cops dead?They started the whole thingg
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Motorola Bounce has a 5.43-inch QHD display and a Snapdragon 810, but what is it?
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+Rabid Rotty
I am liking what I hear so far about this device... I am keeping an eye out on this one... 
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WTF is wrong with this picture people?!? 
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And watch battery life and performance die.... 
Sony is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, but their Mobile department hasn't been doing all that well for a while now. Sony Mobile ...
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Unfortunately I cannot give this establishment a higher rating. The staff is very pleasant and extremely nice, however they do not back their service and it seems their technicians have very little knowledge in fixing phone screens as I will layer describe. Here is my story about Techknow Space at the Mississauga location. I brought in my Note 4 to have my Screen replaced and the service was fast. I got back my device and noticed the following day that the screen was not set in place properly with whatever adhesive they used. As a result the top portion of the screen was lifting and coming apart. I took it back to TechKnow Space the following day and they "repaired" it again at no cost... However the screen cracked again by just putting a soft gel case on a week later! When I took the phone back they told me they could do nothing about it. That the screen would never crack like that and moreover, I had a tempered glass that they themselves installed on top and it cracked underneath! How is that possible?!? That's what I told them and mentioned the screen on the bottom was moving. This was a concern. It cost me almost $300 to fix my Note 4 screen and they didn't fix it the first time properly and I found out that they didn't fix it the second time properly as I will get into that some more. Bare with me... Frustrated I took my Note 4 to Pacific Mall at a small shop named "Just in Case" and they said they could fix it... For only $120 out the door! They pulled the cracked screen off in front of me which took them so long to do (read on as to why) and to my shock and theirs... Techknow Space technicians used SUPER GLUE to put the screen on to keep it in place from their early mistake! That's right. I said SUPER GLUE! I kid you not! I looked on as they had to scrape it all off. What a mess. This was why my Note 4 screen cracked so easy with just putting MY SOFT GEL CASE on my phone. This is exactly what the staff at "Just In Case" told me. The screen replacement they glued on with SUPER GLUE (Which was plastered all inside my device I may add) was so tightly glued to three sides that it put strain on the top left corner of the screen and it cracked with minimal pressure. It takes roughly 50+ lbs of force to Crack gorilla glass 4 if not more and there is no way on this planet anyone uses 50+ pounds or more to put on a simple cell phone case! I even told the technician at Techknow Space that the screen was put in wrong and the bottom portion was moving. It never moved like that before when I got my Note 4 new. The technician kept telling me how the glass is super fragile and it breaks easy... So easy as putting a case on it I responded in frustration. To make this long brutal story short... "Just in Case" fixed my phone in just over 45 minutes and most of that time was spent scraping off the SUPER GLUE TechKnow Space used on my phone! Otherwise the phone would have been fixed in 30 minutes or less and for only $120! They could not believe technicians at TechKnow Space used SUPER GLUE to make the screen stay secure from their earlier mistake! Be very wary of Techknow Space. They made errors in fixing my screen the first AND second time and made it very clear that I would be paying another $249 to get it "fixed" again due to THEIR mistake. Imagine that? If you want your screen fixed and fixed properly for less? Go to Pacific Mall in Markham Ontario and go to "Just in Case". I cannot in good conscious give a recommendation for Techknow Space. If you offer a product that or service and are not willing to stand by that product or service when issues arrive... It's a company one should be very wary of... Buyer Beware.........
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Great Atmosphere. Solid food
Public - a year ago
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Good food. Uber fast service. Decent prices. Win Win in my books. My only complaint... Not very clean inside. They need to work on this.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
44 reviews
Not the same Johny's of old... Different burgers and Onion Rings... Limited toppings.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Fantastic... I Love Cuban Food and the Experience... I lost track how many times I went to Cuba. This Lounge nails the good feelings. Friendly Staff. Great Owner. Kick Ass food. Bring on the Goodie Room...
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago