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Lessons on gaining creative perspective from photographer Steven Laxton.
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So true! I first realized this when a captured, yet still missed an
amazing sunset at Fort Fisher. There is and was such a large part of me
that wishes I would have simply set quietly and laid my camera beside me to
fully capture that sunset. The more time I spent behind my camera
capturing special moments of my daughter, the more I realized I was missing
them too. We get lost behind the camera and somewhat disconnected of the
reality around us. It's an escape from reality and the reality is life
isn't a snapshot, or is it?
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Robb Todd

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"We make booze to pay for art and science," says the cofounder of the New York-based vodka maker.
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Robb Todd

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The Mets and the Royals have overcome many of the same challenges that startups face.
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Robb Todd

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Coming off the first Democratic debate, here's clarification on Senator Bernie Sanders's ideology, and what it could mean to gig workers.
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Robb Todd

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How a fascination with The Jetsons's maid inspired a whole generation of roboticists, including iRobot CEO and cofounder Colin Angle.
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Don't waste it
I am a writer in New York City. I have lived all over the country, and was lucky enough to live in Hawaii twice. I also lived in Texas twice. And North Carolina twice. Actually, this is my second stop in New York, too, so I guess I just do not do things right the first time. I spent most of my career working for newspapers, but happily left for the Interwebs. I like it here.
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I tied the world record for Fewest World Records Held.
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7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook in 2015

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Excerpt from "Dog Men"

Photograph by Robb Todd. Picture used with permission. When Tally woke, she had no idea where she was and stared through the windshield, try

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10 best photography apps

Smartphones have changed photography for ever and there are a wealth of apps to edit and adjust all aspects of light in an image ISSUE #82: Sean H. Doyle, Langston Allston, The Beauty Shop

Every other Monday, features one story, one image, and a one-song soundtrack-- each by underexposed talent.

Occupy trial juror describes shock at activist's potential prison sentence

Cecily McMillan 'terrified' ahead of sentencing of up to seven years in prison after conviction for assaulting police officer

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Video Reveals 140 Years Of Change At Specific NYC Locations

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Babe Ruth, Don Bradman and cricket's uneasy relationship with baseball

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Jack Fisher: So, What Was That Like?

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Psychiatric drugs are doing us more harm than good

As with benzodiazepines in the 1980s, the UK is prescribing SSRI antidepressants at a staggering rate – and to no good effect

How to win at rock-paper-scissors - Telegraph

Study reveals there is a winning strategy to the simple playground game

Denmark bans Nigeria adoptions after raid on suspected baby factory

Children's minister halts all adoption from Nigeria with immediate effect following arrests of pregnant women in Lagos

Net Neutrality Is Almost Dead, And Here's Why You Should Care

Say goodbye to the Mom-and-Pop shops, because your web browser is on its way to becoming a Walmart.

The cubano is the best I've had in NYC. Worth the long wait.
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Best tacos in all of New York City.
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Best torta in the city. The juices are excellent, too.
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Best cocktail bar in South Slope bar. These guys know what they're doing. Every drink is perfect. Beautiful garden, too.
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