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(LAN) Party at our house!

I had to build a new firewall [1]; the poor little Netgear couldn't keep up. A note for people using Time Warner: make sure you're really not using their DNS servers. I thought I had fixed that, but the firewall was using what it got from DHCP rather than my manual entries. Greenlight hands out Level 3's servers; just changing to that on the Netgear (even though it couldn't push bits fast enough for the link) made a huge difference. I'm back to my manual settings of Google's DNS (or the BIND resolver on the new firewall itself; I forget) which are just as fast.

TL;DR: Don't use TWC DNS servers; their lag makes everything slower, regardless of your link speed.

[1] for now. I'd prefer to stick with OpenWRT or LEDE, but they don't have clear install guides for just using stock x86 hardware.

Apple is the new Microsoft. Why do I need to reboot to install updates for Safari and iTunes? Some days I miss my Linux desktop more than others... Time for ChromeOS / Android on a laptop?

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If you're a fan, don't miss this.
If you're a Who fan, take the time. This is moving.

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We're open for sponsorships! If you're interested our 400+ attendee event, held at RIT email

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A perfect representation of modern conservatism. Can't lose gracefully, can't win gracefully. It's like they distilled every nasty part of themselves, created a human capable of holding it all, and then voted for it.

"Was it the pedophilia that attracted you, or the racism, or the pussy grabbing, the Hitler speeches by his bedside, his Nazi advisor Bannon, the brutal ignorance, the psycopathic wiring, the treason to Russia, or was it just all of it, rolled up into one perfect shining example of what you all are at core?"

"Well, Dan, couldn't vote for the competent white woman. She doesn't understand white pain."

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This seems to track about right to my experience and understanding. I believe I've successfully told Facebook that I never want to see content from the lower left in my feed at all. (I don't see much from the lower right, but if I do, they'll get booted too.)

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There's some huge stuff casually mentioned in here. My RPi3 is currently dedicated to OpenELEC / Kodi as a MythTV front end... looks like it's time to buy another one.
Android Things and Weave Developer Preview

It's nice to hear from Google's IoT Project Brillo and Weave platform after such an incredible amount of time has passed without much public facing new information. I'm very curious and excited to see what developers bring to the table with Google's new IoT ecosystem.


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Clear points about the problems with "fake news" and actionable things that can be done about it (rather than just handwringing and despair.) Hopefully Google , Facebook, et. al. are listening. Thanks, +Jeff Jarvis

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What coverage of the Hamilton videos teaches us about the right way to protest, and the fake news problem. By following a story all the way to its sources, I see a way to work towards a media "truthrank." 

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I needed this reminder... Maybe you do too.
I don't meditate as often as I should. (I once lived with a woman who didn't believe I meditated at all -- I never did it when she was present.) There are people who can get into a meditative state washing dishes -- I can't. I can't do it when people are around, I've had a hard time with it since developing an irregular heart beat. I can still get there sometimes on very long road trips, as long as I'm the only one in the car -- that one is nice.

But I do meditate, lack of witnesses to the side, about twice a month. (Had to start using a metronome rather than heartbeat meditation, and it didn't work until I stopped trying to use my phone and started pumping the sound through larger speakers; thanks to Steven Barnes for that suggestion. I'm blessed to have him in my life.)

I do it a little differently than's described here, but the important thing is to do it. It will keep you centered during difficult times. Like the breathing exercises I recommended the other day -- the times you least feel able to do it? Are the times you really need to.

Some people worry meditation will take their anger away. (And it's happened, to some people I know, so YMMV.) Hasn't taken mine. And I'm grateful for that: anger is a useful tool. "You can let it drive you, but don't let it steer."

Being angry all the time is good for no one, though. If you've hit that spot, listen to Steve Perry, in the attached -- if you can brave the wilds of Facebook.

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