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Rob Walker
Software Developer, Endurance Cyclist, Writer, and occasional Photographer
Software Developer, Endurance Cyclist, Writer, and occasional Photographer


Wonder if anyone here knows whether user.agent fallback handling works when GXT is being used. Can't for the life of me seem to get it to work. Have tried various combinations of the following in our gwt.xml files:

    <set-configuration-property name="user.agent.runtimeWarning" value="false"/>    
    <set-property-fallback name="user.agent" value="gecko1_8"/>

    <inherits name='com.sencha.gxt.ui.GXT' />

    <set-property-fallback name="gxt.user.agent" value="gecko1_8"/>

Tried in various locations, and with/without the gxt.user.agent varient.

What I'm trying to achieve is when IE7 is used, we fall back to gecko but display a warning box to the user. But even with the above, I just see the current GET:


Indicating the ua type has been set to unknown.

Note - I'd normally log this Q on Sencha forums, but seem to be down/broken - can't login either with current password, or after a password reset.

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Mystic 8 Ball (aka Life After PBP)
Rather obviously my 51st birthday was a considerably quieter affair than last year's raucous celebrations. In amongst this year's carefully chosen gifts was one that has found a prominent space on my desk: the Mystic 8 Ball now resides under my monitor, clo...

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PBP - Epilogue
I forget which one of the Cape Randonneurs described the meal provided at the Arrivée as worthy of army canteen rations but the description was completely accurate. The chicken was bland and the pasta limp, but at it all the same. My body needed the fuel an...

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PBP Part 3 - Sleeper
00:30, 19 Aug - Loudéac, 780km I woke before the alarms rang - in fact remarkably close to the original time of midnight to which they'd been set. It was still a solid 3.5 hours of decent sleep, and the shower had already worked it's magic - leaning against...

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PBP Part 2 - Slow Train To The Coast
00:00, 18 Aug - Loudéac, 448km I can't remember whether I opened it before going to sleep or after waking up but the card Yoli and Ben had made for me which read " Open at 1st drop bag " made me laugh so much I nearly wet myself. It was a real boost to the ...

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PBP Part 1 - Overnight Express
19:30, 16 Aug - Saint-Quentin en Yvellines, 0km   By the time Peter and I lined up at the start a couple of my plans had already gone astray in minor ways. Despite a comfy hotel room, I had lain awake for the afternoon unable to sleep. And misjudging what w...

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Hurry up and wait
So here we are at last, after three and a half years of dreaming the day is finally here - it's the 16th August 2015 and the 18th edition of Paris-Brest-Paris starts today. Frankly, I cannot wait - not just because it's been in my thoughts so long, but also...

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Almost Famous
I'm not sure I've ever really subscribed to Warhol's fifteen minutes of fame theory. I'm also not sure a local newspaper would really qualify as the level of celebrity the artist was referring too. Regardless of these, it was a little bit wonderful to get s...

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Not the shortest day (winter riding #2)
They say that mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun, but there doesn't seem to an equivalent saying for Cape Randonneurs gathering for a 1,000km Audax at 9pm on a cold mid-winters night - beyond just simply " mad " that is. Five of us started out...

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Tales of the Unexpected (winter riding part 1)
 “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”  ― George Carlin The first unexpected aspect of the final Cape 300 qualifier was that 14 brave souls pitched up to ride at midnight with a distinctly unpromising weather forecast. I must con...
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