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Dad, gamer, geek, podcaster

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Stole this from +Josh T Jordan's Facebook feed, because it's a fun exercise.

Go to and create a list of six verbs. Those six things are the only skills a player has in your game. What kind of game does this end up being? What kind of stories and adventures would happen if these were the only actions a player could take during the game?

My Random Verbs;


It sounds a little bit like Hockey Enforcer, the RPG.

It's been a while since I did any map-making, and at the time I would troll the Dundjinni forums for quality top-down transparent PNG map elements – buildings, furniture, scenery, stuff like that. I don't know if the forums are down, or if something else is going on, but I can't seem to access them.

Are there any online resources that folks here would recommend for map objects like the ones I've mentioned?

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CharForge: A Robust 5E Character Generator in Google Sheets; Includes Unearthed Arcana; Includes Custom Options; Now in Beta


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On Reddit's DND sub, I found this very awesome 100% free to use collection of music from Incompetech that works well for your Curse of Strahd campaign – looking at you, +Chris Groff.

From the OP;

All the files are from Kevin McLeod of Incompetech (LINK) and are 100% free to use and download so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by sharing a folder full of them. You've probably heard some of his stuff on Critical Role. I'd recommend checking out his site for creating the soundtrack to any game. Unbelievable amount of tracks, and its nice to have music the players won't recognise.
The link below is to a Drive folder with sub folders for various points in your game. Some tracks are duplicated across playlists.

Curse of Strahd Soundtrack - 777mb
Action, for combat. (9 tracks)

Amber Temple, for said temple. Or just use Creepy & Mysterious below. (4 tracks)

Castle Ravenloft, for Castle Ravenloft. One track renamed which I plan on using for the final fight. (11 tracks)

Creepy & Mysterious, works for pretty much everything and is my "go to" playlist. (28 tracks)

Death House, for the intro adventure. Or just use Creepy & Mysterious above. (12 tracks)

Downtime, for those rare occassions the party get a break. (3 tracks)

Tavern, for having a drink. I only really used this prior to the party getting to the lands of Barovia. (2 tracks)

Tension, to set your players on edge. Good to switch into when Creepy & Mysterious won't cut it. (25 tracks)

The Wild, for exploring the woods of Barovia. Can switch between this, Creepy & Mysterious, and Tension. (7 tracks)

Uplifting, for when things are going well. Haven't used this yet... (4 tracks)

Vistani, for encounters with the Vistani or heading to their camp. (6 tracks)

I'm working on a list of things that could be considered ancient artifacts, but originate from fairy tales. These items could have dark origins, or not.

For instance; the skeletal remains of one of King Midas' hands, a braided length of Rapunzel's hair, a necklace made from the teeth of the wolf killed by Red Riding Hood's huntsmen, a shard of the Wicked Queen's magic mirror.

What are some other ideas?

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Disney: "Hey! We've got this cool idea about Han Solo not being his real –"


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Did anybody else spot Stan Lee's appearance in Iron Fist? :)


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First episode of Netflix's Iron Fist watched, and frankly, I'm enjoying it.

One of the things that I read in reviews was that the fight choreography was "boring". I can understand that point of view in what I've seen so far. However, it makes sense to me. Danny Rand is a highly trained martial artist, and in the first episode (anyhow), he's going up against security guards and hired goons. This is easy for him, one might even say that for him it is "boring".

Bad hombres are being set up well, and I think I can see where this is going. We shall see. I expect to be finished the entire series before the weekend is out.


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Had a bit of a laugh at this flashback scene from All-New All-Different Avengers issue 15. The flashback is from an issue long-enough ago that they're getting public chatter about what's going on abroad via Rick Jones' shortwave radio. Iron Man's aside is nearly a fourth-wall breaker.
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