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Rob Szarka
Shop as usual & avoid panic buying.
Shop as usual & avoid panic buying.

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Coming to a Fi phone near me, I wonder?

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But the Texas cattle rancher now faces a new threat: the Trump administration's blundering, blustering trade policy. By threatening a trade war with Mexico within days of inauguration, the president helped trigger a slide in cattle futures. Mexico is a major export market. By sinking the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the new administration cut off long-sought access to the Japanese market. Now banks have raised the conditions for collateral for loans for ranchers.

Texas ranchers, though, will not be alone for long. Beef producers from Nebraska to the Dakotas face the same problems. So do grain farmers in Kansas and the snow-covered corn fields of Iowa, just like tomato farmers in California and Florida and autoworkers in Michigan, longshoremen, truckers and railway workers in Miami and Houston and Long Beach. These will be the first casualties of a trade war.


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Happy Birthday, #Linux!

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Feeling very good about solving an +Exim configuration issue I've been banging my head on for a week or so. The folks in the mailing list are great!

It's so hard getting used to a new mailer after decades of using just Sendmail, but I'm finally starting to grok Exim and there's a lot to like here...

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Google Now needs a feature that helps me keep up with all its features.

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I approve this message.

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"They rob, kill, and steal by the day.
I’d be a buffoon to trust the state.
You’re a tool and fool. Just keep taking the bait.
Making mistake, after mistake, after mistake.
Believe me, this ain’t the typical “Oh the government’s corrupt.”
Bro, that’s too easy.
You gotta take responsibility because you willingly
Give power to the state, when it’s the state that is your enemy."

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Has anyone here tried trackr and actually got it working? I was excited to try it, given Leo's apparent enthusiasm, but it has been a clusterfuck from start to finish and I'm planning to return it for a refund... Assuming anyone at the company responds--phone number just gets a recording telling me to email support, and I don't have much confidence in that... What a waste of time!

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Yahoo! today published three redacted National Security Letters (NSLs) it received from the FBI, which demanded information about the web portal's users.
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