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I listened to the whole 'cast today: I think it came out great, despite my completely forgetting the semantics of set literals. :)
I was all setup (really this time) so we could make some spontaneous music but instead we recorded a podcast. With all that spontaneity - you still conducted a great coding lesson in a language I never used before!

Thanks for doing the podcast! Next time we get together to make music we'll have to plan a "spontaneous podcast buffer" into the timing.
Cool. I've Lisped a little with other Lisps and have been curious about Clojure because of the enthusiasm surrounding it. Mostly I've worked alone (a circumstance more than a choice) so the draw for me in was to go into osmosis mode and listen to a couple of experienced practitioners bat it around for an hour. I learned that the basics of Clojure are about the same as other Lisps, and the next question I had was what differentiates it from them, or why would I use Clojure rather than Common Lisp? About which I read some compelling statements here: So all in all an hour well spent. Thanks guys!
Thanks Luke - for the link and sharing your process of questions that led you there!
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