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I wish it were real.  I still can't stand her!!!
From the dailycurrant. (Satire)
I don't believe it is possible to prove or disprove meme.
Sarah with all the respect you are an Idiot. However I prefer idiots run the country than Killers like Australian government general. 
Jeff... there are about a half dozen comments before yours exposing that this is a satire site like the Onion. 

A google search would have returned the top hit, "Dupes fall for Sarah Palin Flight 370 hoax..." just as quickly. 

Calling someone an idiot without fact checking the information you're calling them an idiot over is an easy way to kind of make yourself look the fool, too. 
No, she didn't!  Did she?

It is a picture with words, so it's immediately suspect.
this stupid bitch is even dumber than i thought
Ok... I've had enough... how do I mute a post on G+ again?!?
Found it. Adios all you people so much brighter than Sarah P. ;) 
I've been fooled by The Daily Currant before. They are very good at what they do.
The worst part is that this sounds like something idiotic Palin would say.

Sometimes it's hard to tell when it's the onion and when it's Faux :-/

They say some stuff idiotic and ridiculous. Like white Santa and white Jesus. Neither was from a Northern European area with light skin. Just stupid!!! 
oh c'mon, you people are so wired to jump all over palin or fox news any chance you get (it's a sick obsession honestly) you'll post satire as fact and then talk a bunch of trash about it... THEN find out it's satire and try to defend your stupidity because it sounds plausible because... "FAUX NEWS"  

I swear, no one talks about Fox News more than people who claim to hate it and never watch it.  I wonder how many of those people watch MSNBC too?  ya know, the polar political opposite but equally as awful as Fox. 
+Brad Dillon I would say that MSNBC makes it easier to classify each program as news or analysis. I'm cautiously watching al-Jazeera as a usually neutral source, like NPR or PBS, they make some attempt to cover all the facts. Every source has a viewpoint, some have an agenda as well.
Dan Ash
No way?  Does she say these things for her followers and does she actually believe them?
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