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Not entirely true. The Paris subway very much smells like pee.

The rest is pretty much true, though.
Whilst I keep on knocking the US, it is worth remembering that the US do subsidise European defence. What's needed is a realignment of resources that reduces the rest of the worlds passive dependency upon the US as defenders. Alongside that, there is a need for the US to abandon it's colonising and corporatist business ambitions at all costs; towards the rest of the world.
Sweden has soent the last decade beciming less socialist. They also have a lower capital gains tax. Indeed, we should learn from them
Didn't Maher used to call himself a "libertarian"?
Australia - one of America's greatest allies - has universal health cover - we all pay so everyone is covered - why is that idea so foreign - so alien - to some Americans?
While I do agree with most of what he says he never speaks about the elephant in the room and that's Isreal. He doesn't speak about our noses up Israel's ass. I don't follow him so if he has I haven't seen it.
He's pretty bang-on, although if you used the PIGS: Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece his comparison would be less dramatic.  Most economies are under siege -- but it's still about priorities.
The problem with that statement is, no, most Americans are not in favor of corporate welfare and bailouts by the government, and would rather have an efficient, smart government.

If you want European socialism, go there. I'd prefer a constitutional government, as much as that chaps militant, tyrranical lefties. :-7
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