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This is the second botched execution in a row for the state. Clayton Lockett died of a heart attack last year after a phlebotomist misplaced an IV line.
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The NPR report does not properly point out the most serious feature of this error. Although it was improper to use potassium acetate instead of potassium chloride for the execution, the two should be roughly equivalent in their effect. However, as it is the potassium ion that induces death, the most important part of the error was that these idiots used 40 meq of potassium ion, instead of the intended 120 meq
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Rob Salzman

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Volvo says it will be 'one of the first' firms to take full responsibility for accidents involving driverless cars.
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All the driverless accidents so far have been the fault of cars with drivers.
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After just one week of recreational marijuana sales, Oregon dispensaries have raked in an estimated $11 million.
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Considering the entire population of Oregon is only about 4M, that's impressive.
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In a first-of-its-kind analysis, ProPublica reveals that the suits are far more common in black communities than white ones.
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On 29 April last year Amanda Kimbrough sat down in her cell inside the notoriously tough Tutwiler women’s prison in Wetumpka, Alabama, and began writing a letter in which she described her feelings of loss and remorse. It was a poignant moment, as six years earlier to the day her only son Timmy had been born prematurely and had died from complications at birth after only 19 minutes.

“Tim Jr would be six years old [today],” she wrote, “and not a day goes by I don’t think of him. While I was out we keep his grave decorated and kept up, my husband and family do while I’m here.”

That Kimbrough – Alabama offender 287089, as the state branded her – should be thinking of her son on the anniversary of his death needs no explanation. But the poignancy of the letter is heightened by the knowledge that it was because of Timmy’s stillbirth at 25 weeks that she was locked up in the first place.

Kimbrough was prosecuted for the “chemical endangerment” of her fetus relating to her on-off struggle with drug addiction. The case was pursued so forcefully by the state of Alabama that she was charged with a class A felony – equivalent to murder – and taken all the way to trial, in what is thought to be the only full trial hearing of its sort in the country.
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Rob Salzman

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+Susan Ames Please provide evidence to back up that assertion. Otherwise, it's a regurgitated lie.
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One for four in Cleveland this year. They've been pushing this one hard, ignoring the three unarmed people they've killed this year.
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This job-killing trade deal has been negotiated in secret, drafted with input by special interests and corporate lobbyists but not from the American people.
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I don't like it for one reason: we don't know what's in it. Why the secret? Tell us what you're voting on, damn it. YOU JERKS in Washington represent US, the people. 
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Celebrity gossip rag People isn't normally the kind of place you find political calls to action. That's all about to change in their newest issue on the Umpqua Community College shooting, which "[pays] tribute to the nine Oregon victims, as well as 22 other men, women, and children who've lost their lives in mass shootings [...] in the U.S. during the past 12 months." It's not just a tribute People is using its pages for, however. From editorial ...
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"anti-gun" or "pro control"? Those are different things and this headline does a disservice to national dialogue. 
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Was the woman in danger from an event she was witnessing? Why did she feel that opening fire was a good idea? 
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Or Wednesday. 
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Rob Salzman

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For some, the Vermont socialist’s argument for economic fairness may trump his views on marriage, climate.
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He blocks all the real data points and thinks he knows it all. Typical sheep
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