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Just wanted to try out the feature.  Looks cool

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Made this for laughed with my roommates!

It's times like these that I wish Subaru's had more clearance so I could use my impreza in #nemo

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This review is fantastic and I'd highly recommend it to anyone considering a Surface.  The RT actually seems like the better option to me now, mostly because of the battery

Hey guys what would be a better buy? Investing a really solid gaming keyboard and mouse or a chrome book?

I know this isn't an android question but I figured it's fairly related, especially the chrome book part

Anyone else think office 2013 is fantastic?  

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this is a great speech and there is a lot of common sense here #sandyhook  

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if you register now you get 50 GB of storage for free

Does anyone use +Google+ to find things to read?  I feel like it's just as good, if not better, than Flipboard or similar apps.  So much better than Facebook/Twitter

anyone else glued to +The Verge with all this CES news?  I can't wait to get a tegra 4 in my next phone
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