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Rob Russell

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Space coffee cups are cool but it's interesting to think about how understanding capillary action better helps out on Earth too.
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Rob Russell

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Neat demo of gravity
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Now I'm totally confused .
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Rob Russell

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Live action Space Invaders with drones. Looks awesome.

(Found via hackaday )
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Rob Russell

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This article does a good job of framing a lot of the things I think about when I hear about cashless society. The language might get a little excited though.
Banks, governments, credit card companies and fintech evangelists all want us to believe our cashless future is inevitable and good. But this isn't a frictionless utopia says Brett Scott, and it's time to fight back​
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I like robots, I just don't trust all the people that run them. Cash isn't great but what we're replacing it with has a different set of issues that I haven't seen widely reported.
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Rob Russell

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Santa Cruz today
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Beautiful !
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Rob Russell

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Assembled my MeArm robot kit tonight. Controlled from a Raspberry Pi v3. The servos sound decidedly unhappy. Kind of funny to watch it move though.
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Yeah usually cheap metal gears are expensive.
Ask me about cost of H2 Hummer Gas door, And then ask me about wheels made of same stuff that can be fixed at only one dealer in windsor at 22.60 a crack and that's only buying time.So far 2 down.

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Rob Russell

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If you use bash shell in Linux (or under some other OS) but aren't like way into bash, you might not know where to find keyboard shortcuts. Bash relies on readline to get the commands you type. So the keyboard shortcuts come from readline too.

Do yourself a favour and peruse the Editing Commands section in the manpage at . One more thing you'll need to know: where it says "meta" (or "M-") you can try the Alt or Option key. And if that doesn't work you can press Escape then the rest of the shortcut.

You can find the same information with the command "man readline" inside bash itself. It's not a thrilling read but it'll make your life easier if you have to use bash anyway. I've been using bash forever but just skimmed it again the other day and picked up a couple new tricks.
readline will read a line from the terminal and return it, using prompt as a prompt. If prompt is NULL or the empty string, no prompt is issued. The line ...
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I don't know how to use g+ right. :p happy birthday big bro!
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Rob Russell

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Conway's Game of Life implemented in … Conway's Game of Life. A few years old but new to me.
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+Stephen Rose Golly is really worth checking out: many of these things that used to be just theoretical can actually be run on your desktop now. There are universal computers fully implemented in Life today, and even (arguably) a working replicator. Golly can also run John von Neumann's more complicated CA that he constructed to prove the existence of a universal-computer-based replicator, and it can run his pattern through full life cycles.

Golly implements hyper-fast algorithms that can be used to play patterns of mind-boggling size (in some cases, bigger than all the computers in the world could represent as a straight array).
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Rob Russell

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Coming soon: reading ancient books without opening them. Enabled by increasing time resolution of terahertz frequency imaging.
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Sounds like magic to Mr 😄
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Rob Russell

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Kebabs at the cottage tonight
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Need wieners in there !
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Rob Russell

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It's like somebody was watching me at work and wrote a paper on it.
Lots of details on Google's monolithic source code and how they make it not only work, but work very well.
Google's monolithic repository provides a common source of truth for tens of thousands of developers around the world.
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Rob Russell

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A router that can follow a path when you move it in the right general direction. Nifty.
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