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For unknown reasons, someone asked me if had a copy of this file today. I didn't, but I remembered it was in dmr's home directory, and asked a friend there to find it. I remembered correctly. I don't know why it was touched in 1993, but the .v (mips object file) was created in late 1992. I leave the significance of that date as an exercise for the reader.

By the way, sizeof(void) is illegal, so I'm unsure how it was compiled; my friend assures me the compilers from then didn't accept it either.

Because G+ refuses to leave the indentation alone and screws up the ls formatting, I'm posting a screen grab here, but i'll include the source code, poorly formatted and rudely scrubbed of indentation, so you can play with the bytes. Just for fun, after the first screen grab I'll post a second screen grab of this post in edit mode before I hit save.

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>

typedef int ☺☹☻;
typedef void ☹☺☻;
☹☻☺ = sizeof(☺☹☻),
☻☺☹ = sizeof(☹☺☻),

☺☹☻ ☺☻☹;

for(☺☻☹=☻☺☹; ☺☻☹<☹☻☺; ☺☻☹++)
print("☺☻☹ = %d\n", ☺☻☹);
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I love how the #includes have been made blue for me automatically but the layout wasn't left alone. What went wrong? The world used to work. (OK, no it didn't, but still.)
v5 in chinese means niubility.
The #includes are marked as hash tags, not keywords.
I still wish it left my text alone.
you may send feedback, just click the button at the screen's right bottom corner.
+Rob Pike " the significance of that date" Something related to AT&T Hobbit ATT9201 (inspired by the Bell Labs C Machine project)?
Or something related to Plan 9?
Is this a test file for the plan 9 UTF-8 conversion? It's definitely plan 9 C code.
The includes are blue, because G+ thinks they’re hashtags, I guess... Let’s make #include a hot topic :D
+Samuel Goto since I'm sure there was a discussion about finding the right prefix and suffix markers for pre-formatted text. 
Also the date the first Canadian team won the World Series.
If you sizeof(void) the void will size you up.
The #include links actually go somewhere non-obvious.
"Because G+ refuses to leave the indentation alone and screws up the ls formatting" -- I wish someone would do something about this already. G+ has a lot of programmers and this lack of code formatting really harms the experience
Regarding preformatted text, I agree. Blogger's editor finally stopped sucking leading spaces out the content it hosts so I assume it's just a matter of time. (NB: I have no insight into Google's plans for Google+ features.)
G+ has just now stopped removing leading spaces.
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