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The LSST project ( is looking for a project manager for its data management pipeline. It's an amazing project that will make a massively detailed movie of the sky - see the website for details. From the beginning, the project has spent a lot of thought and development on the software problem: managing a 3.2 gigapixel camera producing 15 terabytes of data a night requires some state-of-the-art tech.

If you're interested in helping run the data management group, please check out the job posting:*93B3F1ED4FBF8FB3
The LSST is a new kind of telescope. Currently under construction in Chile, the LSST is designed to conduct a ten-year survey of the dynamic universe. LSST can map the entire visible sky in just a few nights; each panoramic snapshot with the 3200-megapixel camera covers an area 40 times the size ...
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Is this like the Square Kilometer Array, but thousand times smaller? :-)
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