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David Silva, who is in charge of the telescopes on Kitt Peak, is looking for a CS generalist to help with an external review of a computer system designed to handle a large flow of event information from future telescopes such as LSST (

If you're interested in spending a couple of days on this, please let me know via mail and I'll give you more background. Or, if you know someone outside who might be able to help, feel free to have them contact me.

No astronomy background required. In fact, it is preferable that the reviewer have little or none.

The problem is challenging.
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Too bad +Jim Gettys has never had much use for his degree in this field. Does being out of practice for a few decades count as enough lack of experience?
Hmm, I spent about 2 months of my life on top of Kitt Peak back in the 90s, so I guess I'm disqualified. :-) But seriously, I'd be interested in helping out.
I guess you are: the last time I was on Kitt Peak was around 1975 or so ;-).
Is this a data size problem or a data flow size problem? What would events contain?
I've worked on something similar. I can help.
I have relevant experience, and could donate 3 months next year through the sabbatical program where I work. I would love to hear the details. 
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