Interesting! Over 2000 moderators invited to join a hangout event today at 1pm PST and not 1 showed up? Does this mean that nobody was available at 1pm today, or that invitations were not sent, or moderators don't like to hangout, or something else? Maybe I am missing something, but I think a unique feature of Google Plus is Hangouts and the live, interaction that occurs in conversation. Posting links, a few comments, perhaps a 1+ in place of a "Like" into an RSS, stream of posts seems so, um, how shall I say, a... Facebookie 
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I did not get an invite. Even if I had, 1pm is smack in the middle of my work day and I can't do a Hangout then. 
Perhaps, the agenda wasn't interesting enough? (I have little [practically no] experience with you have to specify an agenda or are they anonymous sessions?)
Thanks all above, apparently when you think you are sending out an invitation to an event and a hangout, those invitations do not actually go out to the members of a community? And thanks Peter, the agenda for this hangout was about how moderators use hangouts and events. All of your comments are appreciated, thanks and keep them coming
Never received invite.
+hubze Thanks hubze, you have clarified something for me. Although I may think that I am inviting all members of a community I belong to, only those members who have me in their circles are actually invited.  Haha, I just repeate what you said in the first place.
+hubze And, to your point above, I do not have any moderators from this community that follow me, so no invitations went out to anyone... Thanks! Lesson learned! Has anyone created share-able circles of community moderators, that are also members of this community?
As we are discussing this I notice that a hangout is being held now in the community with an invitation to hang out and I have neither participant in my circles.
+john sawyer I do not show a hangout going on now. The option is to start a new hangout. Do the people in the hangout have you in their circles as hubze was explaining above?
I was working, but I'm not much into hangouts either.
If a community is large, invites and notifications for new events don't go out to all members; we do this to help prevent spam. But the event will show up in the Events list on the right hand side column of the community. We're thinking of ways to make improvements here.
No invite received, plus I am at work at that time, not appropriate for me to vid conference on a personal matter.
+Andrew Ledford I like that question. For example, if there are 2000 in this community, how many and which of those 2000 will receive the invite? Is it 200? Which 200? Is it only those who have me in their circles, that are also members of this community. Thanks +Brian Glick And Brian, would you consider changing your profile pic? It looks a tad Zuckerburgish :)
+Andrew Ledford If you invite a community, every member of the community is "invited" and is eligible to respond / attend (e.g. by clicking on the event on the right hand side). Even in a smaller community, we don't share how many people are actually sent invites (e.g. an email), of course, since that varies based on your own personal settings.

One suggestion: You can always reshare an event to a community - that'll create a regular post in the community, which might help your event get more attention.

Hope that helps!
+Brian Glick okay thanks. if I send you a message though my profile will you read it. i have some concerns and didn't know if they should be in a public space. i need to get going so it would be later on tonight or tomorrow 
+Mark Prince Thanks for commenting, confirming the no invite. And certainly I agree that people should not hangout when there is a conflict. I work with mostly international people from many time zones, so for example, if I started a hangout at 6am PST, it could be 6 pm, someplace else. 
+Brian Glick I am a little gun shy on creating an event if that means I would be sending out an invitation to 2000 people. However, I would create an event if members chose to go to the lower right, click on events that they were interested in and responded yes. Once the number of people that respond yes to attend the event reach 10, they would know the hangout event is full. I guess the other factor is the option chosen by the member with regards to setting notifications on or off. Is it possible to send out invitations for an event only to those who have opted to set community notifications to "On". I would hate to spam people with invitations to a community event, when they do not want to be notified, nor invited to attend and event. 
+Rob Perhamus - if you invite a community with 2000+ people, they won't get invites; we deliberately don't send out invites to everyone in a community that large. So feel free to a) create an event (so it shows on the lower-right), and b) if you want, reshare that event to the community, thereby creating a post. :)
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