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Rob Parnell
Take it easy, have fun, and everything else will follow...
Take it easy, have fun, and everything else will follow...

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It's Okay to Break The Rules
Today I'm giving away a free course. The
Instant Author Kit. It's all part of the official launch of the Writing Academy. You may see
some ads about it on Facebook. Please share this article wirh anyone you feel might be interested in this
new course! An...

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Self Publicity - At What Cost?
Share: It's one of the problems with writing: if you want
people to buy your work, you need to let them know about it. And you have to balance this issue with how
marketing can seem a bit vulgar - even desperate - sometimes. It's like the ads on TV. We sa...

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Secrets of a Freelance Writer
It's taken me a long time to get this right: 97 video lectures, 128 pdf
downloads, 8 ebooks, 11 exercises and activity sheets to help you make a lot of
money as a writer. I wanted to get this course perfect for you. Secrets
of a Freelance Writer . Thousa...

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The Key Ingredient to All Great Stories
Nice to see ya. To see ya, nice. Finally moved to our new home in the country this week. Been packing and
humping boxes and furniture for days and everything aches! Which is why I'm a bit late getting my latest course up on The
Writing Academy . Should be...

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Share:          Already half way through February and our new year's resolutions are looking vague and somehow inappropriate for 2017.  Funny how that works. You get all excited about new projects one minute and then the next, you wonder what it was that in...

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Valentine's Day Price Massacre
Everyone talks about Black Friday - but I thought,  "There should be another crazy sale at this time of year!" So here it is:  95% OFF everything until midnight tonight. The  St Valentine's Day Price Massacre:  see below for prices as low as UNDER FIVE BUCK...

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Your Mother Should Know. Yeah, Right.
Welcome to this week's uncertain world. I don't know about you but when I listen to the news, I think the world is becoming more like George Orwell's 1984 every minute. This morning Trump said, "We will not allow intolerance." Does anyone else hear the absu...

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Plotting Perfect Stories
Topic:   Plotting Fiction for Publication Level:  Beginner to Intermediate Duration:  2 hours approx Delivery:  PDF. Text based Rob Parnell and The Writing Academy present: Plotting Perfect Stories When it comes to writing stories, once you have a good gras...

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How The Author Disappears From View
I've been getting some lovely feedback recently regarding my Writing Academy. People seem to love it, which pleases me greatly. There's so far almost one thousand students enjoying twenty live courses, two of them free, with eleven more writing courses due ...

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If In Doubt Leave It Out
Did you get the free course on writing your own autobiography? It's
here: Today's article is about how to make your writing more
professional-looking. Keep Writing! Rob Pa...
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