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Why yes, I do "work" before I "Go to work."

Doesn't everyone?

...Feels like playing to me. That makes it way easier.

There's probably an inspirational quote in there somewhere.
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I can see you playing +Rob Michael "_) but unfortunatly I can't hear a thing on my end. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Frustrated by this. Have great day my talented friend.
Yea Rob...David (Ninja) tried to help me via chat, but I had to excuse myself from hangout to look in my sound troubleshooting search, Naturally I'm still clue less at this point.
Hot licks Rob. Sting has made some magical music in his day - wouldn't you say?
Very nice...very soothing. I needed that after my day at work today. Thanks for sharing +Rob Michael!
Haha! True story a man of many dopplegangers.
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