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A little over a year ago, when +Google+ hangouts first started, I had a vision of what they might become at some point in the future and I made this video as a 'proof-of-concept' for a musical collaboration hangout

Isn't it incredible how far things have come in such a short period?

Kudos to +chee chew and the Team for bringing the future to the present...again.
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We just did our second hangout concert today! So cool!
I'm very, very curious: latency?
While possible, Jamming in a hangout is still an exercise in latency compensation.
+Rob Michael  I think I'd head in the direction of an ambient sound, then, or attempt to make the rhythm a multiple of the delays, if you see what I mean. The idea is certainly appealing, to me, as I live in Darkest Wiltshire, and nobody here wants to jam with a bad bouzouki player.
I have jammed with other players in hangouts and it was a novel experience. I do, however,use hangouts for musical collaborations of other sorts on a regular basis. 
There used to be a bloke who busked in Oxford, using a flute and an echo machine, who would play a phrase and wait for it to come around again so he could jam around it, and I think that sort of thing might well be interesting. If each player recorded the music as it was in their location, there would be several versions of the same thing, and if I think hard about how to produce something from that I will fall over....
I love music, my mother was in a bluegrass band, they played once a month at the local club, man were they good. She had an ozark fidel.allways had a big growd in the late 40ties - fifty's. Wish she had tought me.
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