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G+ EXCLUSIVE: "Forgotten Songs" album PREVIEW

It is by public mandate that I'm sharing this jazz blowout tune El Pollo. (Yes, it's Jaco Pastorius' 'The Chicken' but since we do it w/ a fast Latin groove vs the funky R&B groove, I changed the name).

Listen here:

Can you dig it?

When the +Rob Michael & The Atmos Trio first started playing together in 2004, my drummer Joe Shotwell, bass player Jeff Obee and I had a habit of playing every Monday morning in my studio. It was always easy enough to press ‘RECORD’ so we did, often without listening back to what we’d recorded.

Such was the case with the music on “Forgotten Songs.” Years after being recorded, the tracks were rediscovered (while clearing hard drive space) and put together as an accidental album.

My go-to artist, +LP ponor was kind enough to, once again, make some beautiful album art for the release.

BTW...Word get's out about my music because of you. Please share it with a friend and Pay What You Feel this music is worth to you (even nothing).

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Fantastic! Thank you for 'rediscovering' this! Not a song I'll forget, for sure! :)
I'll be checking it out on my way home from the office!
seriously groovy , listening to it again now :D
+Liz ℚuilty Thanks Liz. funny, I just put this particular tune on the record last night as an afterthought. #YouNeverKnow
XLNT Jazz 'energy and player performance' by All +Rob Michael "_) All best success 2 U my G+ friend.
NIce - you guys were "cookin' with gas"...
All that guitar and bass noodling over the drum solo! :-D Tremendous!
+Al Clarke Thank you! My guys are so good all I have to do is not mess it up too bad. :-)
excellent!! I really like El Pollo song!! thanks for sharing!
New tune to debut later today. w00t!
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