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Rob Michael

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Feels good huh?
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Rob Michael

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Do the work.
All RCM accelerated courses are now open for regular enrolment. Courses start February 11, preparing students to write the May 2016 RCM exams. Visit for details. All accelerated courses are available in a non-accelerated format.
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It's all Greek to me!
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Rob Michael

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Precisely 365 days of fret wear on my +Maton Guitars​ Michael Fix signature acoustic guitar.

This is a new personal record for fret abuse. to Gary Brawer Guitar Repair I go.
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Indeed; well hopefully it won't be in the shop too long - it's going to be weird to not have the Maton around :)
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Rob Michael

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See? DIY needn't be difficult.
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son of Gibson.. freakenstein
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Rob Michael

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Thank goodness 2016 is a leap year: 366 shopping days before Christmas!
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Rob Michael

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Do you feel it?
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Have him in circles
265,479 people
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Rob Michael

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That any part of an electoral process is based on a coin toss is just more evidence that we need to get money out of politics.
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Do they use pennies as the coin to flip?
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Rob Michael

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Beautiful Bill Frisell Concert

It was about 10 (maybe 15) years ago that the bass player here (Thomas Morgan) used to shyly ask me "Excuse me, can you show me how you voice a 13th chord?" He was amazing then at age 14.

We all said "Man, when you get your driver's license, your parents will never see you again."

...I hope he at least writes them once in awhile.
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Rob Michael

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Jazz guitars played with a pick, classical guitars played finger style...we all get along just fine.

Keep those fingers warm...
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Rob Michael

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While I didn't play the lottery last night, I did make what I think is a MUCH better bet.

‪#‎PowerBall‬ ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ +Bernie Sanders 
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Mos def
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Rob Michael

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Yesterday provided views on life looking both forward and back.

Pictured below is the the scene for which I was selected to provided the sound track via my acoustic guitar. These two shared a very emotional wedding ceremony in beautiful Santa Rosa CA. They are very much looking forward to the life they will build together. It was very touching.

From there, I went to my next gig: this time with a jazz trio. Another couple had been married on the very same day---50 years prior. Their celebration was similarly touching but was a look back at the lives they had made together. They shared little pieces of wisdom like "When you're wrong, just admit it. When you're right--shut up about it."

I'm thankful to share experiences like these with people. It's another one of the great parts of being a musician.

...and that was my day at "the office."
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This is a great share...just perfect.  Thank you.
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Rob Michael

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Are tabs a thing here? I deal in standard notation but please let me know and I'll put tabs together for interested guitarists interested in playing this (or other pieces).

From "Rob Michael's Christmas by the Fire" Stream/ download this album at or at the Android Market at

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You don't write out the voicings? Do you use stock chord voicings? Here's a copy of Leavitt's arrangement of The Christmas Song:
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That jazz guitar guy
I've been a guitar nut since I was ten years old.

That long-haired guy with the guitar--that was me all through school (I know, the long-haired part is difficult to believe, but it's true!). 

I have always known what I wanted to do with my life and the guitar has been a near-constant companion. 

I'm so fortunate to have the privilege of “Living the Dream” of a pro muso: Playing gigs, recording albums, making videos, teaching--I love it.

Teaching music is something I've long been passionate about. I see 40-60 private students here in the San Francisco Bay area where I live. I also give Lessons Online via Skype, G+ via private hangout.

I also lead an amazing band the Atmos Trio.

You'll find me playing live and in-studio concerts on Youtube, offering tunes at a "Pay What You Want (even nothing)" price on my Global Music Store, or if you prefer, you can find my music on iTunes or Google Play.

I also have a growing community of visual artists and musicians of all levels at My Blog or you can subscribe to my spam-free Newsletter.

See you on 'The Other Side' and oh, if you've read this far, you might as well drop me a "Howdy!"

Dig the cool profile photos! +Rich Goudeau did them. Be sure to check out Rich.
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Twice played at Burning Man without getting sun burned.
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