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Rob Michael

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Before the parades and fireworks begin, before the BBQ is lit, before too much alcohol get consumed, we can contemplate Freedom and Independence and decide if it's Real Life or is it just Fantasy.

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nice riffing
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Rob Michael

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1 of my young jazz students turned me onto this FREE online, transposable,  jazz fake book. It's pretty great!

I used to carry a 40lb bag of books to rehearsals and practice rooms. Guess that's one way to get some exercise...

Can you dig it?

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I spent so much time early on with the Real Book and Band-in-a-Box...  This looks like the evolution.
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Rob Michael

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Finally getting married? Great! I'll be there to play guitar during your ceremony and/ or reception.

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Rob Michael

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Sad to say, it sometimes feels that way!
Support Local Music!!!

#supportlocal   #musicians   #realmusic  
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No! I will however support musicians I like. 
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Rob Michael

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So loving Peter Sprague's re-working of the Beatle classic "In My Life."

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Rob Michael

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Chet & Jerry. If you've never treated yourself their guitar stylings, you owe it yourself to indulge.

Re-imagining the wonderful Merle Travis classic Cannonball Rag.
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Two masters! SON!!!
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Rob Michael

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This week marks the 1st time (I think) that a guitar student has brought me music she wants to learn and it was an album by other students of mine.

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How wonderful!
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Have him in circles
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Rob Michael

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Share this when the demands of Real Life interfere with your Social Media facade schedule.
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Her Tu he r be 
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Rob Michael

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"Someday" is here. We finally found "The Rainbow Connection." 
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Proud? Of what ?
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Rob Michael

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When asked what I would like for Father's Day this year, I totally forgot to request a Telecaster.

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Yes Parsons developed it. For Clarence White I believe. Just saying I haven't seen one with a cap at the back behind bridge plate. I've seen them with string going through body or there is a lever connected to the saddle. However they are prevalent now that I've looked a bit more. Thanks anyway. 
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Rob Michael

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Happy 100 birthday to the Great Les Paul. His wonderful documentary Chasing Sound is a must watch to begin to understand his importance during the 20th century and beyond.

Thank you Les. We love you.
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Cannot watch it in the Netherlands. Too bad. 
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Rob Michael

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How not to lose your luggage or have your instrument damaged during commercial air travel.
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I love the way the guy is playing his riffs in the background. "if he can use luggage I can use this pole".
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That jazz guitar guy on the internet
I've been a guitar nut since I was ten years old.

That long-haired guy with the guitar--that was me all through school (I know, the long-haired part is difficult to believe, but it's true!). 

I have always known what I wanted to do with my life and the guitar has been a near-constant companion. 

I'm so fortunate to have the privilege of “Living the Dream” of a pro muso: Playing gigs, recording albums, making videos, teaching--I love it.

Teaching music is something I've long been passionate about. I see 40-60 private students here in the San Francisco Bay area where I live. I also give Lessons Online via Skype, G+ via private hangout and am one of the first providers of the BRAND NEW Google Helpouts.

I also lead an amazing band the Atmos Trio.

You'll find me playing live and in-studio concerts on Youtube, offering tunes at a "Pay What You Want (even nothing)" price on my Global Music Store, or if you prefer, you can find my music on iTunes or Google Play.

I also have a growing community of visual artists and musicians of all levels at My Blog or you can subscribe to my spam-free Newsletter.

See you on 'The Other Side' and oh, if you've read this far, you might as well drop me a "Howdy!"

Dig the cool profile photos! +Alex Lapidus did them. Be sure to check out Alex.
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