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Rob is a nerd!

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Best purchase of my LIFE!

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Math Experts Split the Check 

The joke is a little long but worth reading:

Some excerpts:

Mathematician: What do I look like, a human calculator? Numbers are for children, half-wits, and bored cats.

Mathematician:I haven't used numbers since undergrad, wake me up when things become worth my time. 

Computer Scientist: Okay, I’ve coded a program to help us compute the check.

Engineer: Uh… your program says we each owe $8400.

Computer Scientist: Well, I haven’t de-bugged it yet, if that’s what you’re getting at.

Computer Scientist: A restaurant comment card? I don't even comment my own code! 

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Well, off to bed, but in the meantime, I'm leaving you with Satan's Toaster (great metal band name, yes?). Originally run on the "Today" show, in May, 1984... Enjoy!

So much Guild Wars 2...

Too much Guild Wars 2 :x

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This is a battle cry. One of our own, from within the Linux community, needs us.

Having had deep, personal experiences with Cancer, the following was a no-brainer for me. Share, donate if you can/care to, and send hope to this man's family because it's a decent thing to choose to do.

Instead of funding another startup, how about we, the Linux community, join forces and save someone's life?

Ken needs us, so let's step the hell up. They have about 9k of the needed 50k, to potencially save this man's life.

He's a HUGE part of the Linux community, so let's get it done people. #linux #ken #helios   #fightcancer  

Imagine if this was you, in this situation? Sobering thought, isn't it?
In my eyes, we as the Linux community, take care of our own.


If you could choose ONE song to erase from your memory so that you could listen to it for the very first time again, what would you pick?

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Dutch Artist Who Turned His Dead Cat Into A Remote Helicopter
Arms outsretched and with rotors attached to his paws, Orville’s body zooms about in the air, to the amazement of onlookers. Dubbed the 'Orvillecopter', Bart Jansen’s stuffed cat is one of the showcase exhibits at this year’s Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam. Orville's body has been stuffed, poked, prodded and turned into a remote control helicopter. 

Orvillecopter Final Test 05/21/2012  ( via - )

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