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Rob Lescaille
Manager of Product PR and Social Media at Hyundai. Gear-head, dog lover, tech geek.
Manager of Product PR and Social Media at Hyundai. Gear-head, dog lover, tech geek.

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OPO vs iPhone 6 Plus review by +Joshua Vergara +Android Authority

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OPO size comparison with iPhone 6 Plus

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Interesting and sad news. +François Simond no longer at CM. I'm grateful he was trying to fix the display calibration for us. Looking forward to the camera updates if we ever get them.
Another update today and a difficult one, possibly the last on this page.

First of all my apologies for being quiet as you got used to frequent updates and some of you were getting impatient.

Cyanogen Inc. terminated the contract we had about two weeks ago: I’m out.
Previously, I was a contractor in the inner circle like an employee.

Fortunately I managed to finish a proper quality camera calibration for the OnePlus DNG before getting the news, and results of this project started from scratch are pretty good.
It consists in flat-field correction for vignetting and color cast, dual illuminant color profiling (matrices and DCP), sensor specific levels, tuned sharpening and noise reduction parameters.

I didn’t got the chance to compare this implementation directly with Nokia Lumia RAW DNG output, but I believe it should be at least comparable and noticeably better than anything else available on Android devices right now (by vendors and third party)
In conjunction with last gen Sony sensor coupled with a good lens, end results are rather impressive.

However, before being asked to switch to this eventually great previous task, I started working on a full blown solution to the white point discrepancy between OnePlus one devices displays: the target being standard sRGB white aka D65.
Which by the way is not yellow, red, pink or something else: it’s white as “standard daylight white” meaning the white we see in nature during an average day, and the same white content creators use on their monitors.

By monitoring social media and forums after the first people received their devices, it appeared clearly this was the number one priority.
Not that it was coming as a surprise: instead, it was expected it as it’s resulting of manufacturing tolerances in LCD panels base components. The same thing happen on every LCD out here all categories included, and is dealt with (or not) using calibration.

Since months I asked to get access to a sample at least 10 devices representing variations of what's coming out of the factory but all in all received only one non-final prototype.
As you might have noticed, the profile I made based on this unique device got reverted against my recommendation in latest OTA.
This OTA also showed that apparently several panel revisions were out here, which I couldn’t guess from the limited elements I had.

Meanwhile, OnePlus customer support answer to unhappy customers has been to adjust the hue in screen color effects to change the white point (which will make every color wrong and by definition keeps the grayscale and white unaffected), and happily use my name in the same reply stating that I calibrated this display.
All this despite I offered help to contacts I had at OnePlus to submit for proof reading what they would post about display before publishing it after reading numerous incoherences in their forums.
I’m still assigned this: and not quite sure what should be done about it as I had no contact with Cyanogen Inc since.

On audio, I started reading documentation in volume but didn’t had time to go further than that.

All in all, I have no regret as had the chance working with a few great people, and tasks I had were all very interesting and challenging. Some too challenging given the conditions and support.

Conditions have been challenging too as I was not allowed by US immigration to visit anyone on US territory while I’m in France working from home.
I also had difficulties adjusting to the schedule with the 9 hours time zone difference, my sleep schedule is now completely fucked ^^, also I've been unavailable for a total of 4 weeks since I started in April, when adjusting to my American fiancée visiting and leaving.
Another guy is working with Cyanogen Inc. from Europe successfully, so I guess that in comparison I've not been very efficient on this regard.

So no regret but some missed opportunities.
I started convinced that the OnePlus One smartphone would be the phone of the year.
It happened differently, today you still can’t buy it and that’s unfortunate. Your only options are to play a marketing game or order it at a higher price without warranty. 
Maybe later, we'll see.

Since the beginning with the Android Police interview, interestingly followed by Koush’s departure interview just 2 days later I knew my place at Cyanogen Inc. was a bet (on both sides) that would or would not succeed.

I crossed Cyanogen and CyanogenMod path many times before and I’m sure it will happen again but I’m closing today a chapter and it’s time to move forward.
All my wishes to Cyanogen Inc. and people working here to succeed in finding reliable partners and their vision to be fulfilled.

So I already started working on a new project.
From early results the potential is huge.
Compared to everything I worked before, this doesn't rely on rooting and black magic hacks disappearing in the next firmware update which encourages me to believe this could be finally the long term viable enterprise I was looking for.
Today I’m rather optimistic for the future, and if you followed me here it’s likely you will be one of my users.

My personal Google+ profile:çoisSimond

Moderation note:
OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc. names lead to divided opinions, comments on this posts will be actively moderated.
If you desire to share your thoughts, please be respectful and use wisdom.

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Photoshpere at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA taken with the OnePlus One and Google Camera. Slightly messed up but not bad. 

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Private suite last week at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. All photos taken with the OPO, including the #photosphere.
8 Photos - View album

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Got this email today that looked phishy. The bitly goes to a fake page with ads. To be sure, I logged on to my OP account and there are no new invites. It's clearly a fake. Someone trying to make a quick buck or a phishing attempt. Be careful.

Now to figure out how they got my email addy...

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#Nexus6  is shaping up to be a flagship killer of its own. Will +OnePlus be left behind? For me, it may be too hard to resist the N6, especially if it has an OIS camera and Qi charging.

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Would love to share my last invite with this community. See screenshot. Not much time left.

(Edit: Claimed by +Samuel Betancur Garzón).
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