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A better way to fight SOPA

GoDaddy has been a supporter of SOPA which has caused many to boycott them.

Here is an even better way to hit them in the bottom line...

Add this somewhere in your webpage (you can just stick it somewhere in the footer)
<a href="">Domain Registration</a>

GoDaddy is #1 in google for "Domain Registration", but if enough people link to this (it doesn't take much) they will be nocked out of the coveted top spot. This will be a huge dent in their revenue stream, as I think their target audience are people that just chose the first google result.

This is referred to as a "google bomb" and it works by the fact that search ranking is based upon the the weight of the links pointed to a page. The name of the link helps them correlate the search terms that match with the link.

Namecheap was chosen as they have a high ranking (so they have a good chance at popping to the top) and has been vocal in being anti-SOPA. You can use the coupon code "SOPASucks" to get a discount there too.

I just added it to and (both with a page rank of 5). That will hit them in the SEOs.

edit: I added this to explain why I was linking:

<a href="">Domain Registration</a>
<a style="font-size:small" href="">(why?)</a>

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If you are on hacker news, vote up:
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Down with the old tyrant up with the new?
+Andrew M Someone has to be in #1 slot. Might as well pick one and put everyone on notice that you don't cross users when it comes to freedom.
+Andrew de Andrade - Bad news tends to actually increase page rank. More sites will make mention that this is a Domain Registration company, and link to it. All news is good news when it comes to SEO.
+Rob Kohr Yes but I'd rather that happen organically than it being forced. Unless I'd have shares in namecheap of course ;)
+devinder maheshwari Thanks Devinder. Don't forget to add the actual link to your site footer. Every site helps.

GoDaddy's page rank is now 7
NameCheap's page rank is now 6

My two sites puny sites that now direct "Domain Registration" to NameCheap are ranked 5.

It doesn't take much folks, but we really need site owners adding the link to their footers to have an effect. I think if 20-30 sites with even a slight page ranking joined in, it would work.

Please add this html to your pages:
<a href="">Domain Registration</a>
and share this post with anyone you can.
+Rhett Robinson Yeah.. we will add that link.. i guess my other partner already did that.. he takes care of the codes and all.. i am just an editor.. but yes we'll add the code.. :)
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