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Rob Knight
Photographer • Instructor • Tattooer • Lumix Luminary
Photographer • Instructor • Tattooer • Lumix Luminary

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Another great Costa Rica photo workshop is in the books!

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I love a story with a happy ending

I got my computer back.

Back Story:

On April 29th our store in Decatur GA was burglarized, with no leads the police could not really do much.

What the criminals didn't count on, was stealing from a computer expert.

As soon as the computer connected to the internet, I opened an RDP session and installed a little Trojan called PREY, once installed, it persist over any account that is created on the computer and starts transmitting nifty little things like....

IP address (the address used to identify you over the internet)
Local IP address
Physical Address (like, to your house, house address for real yo!)
WIFI SSID (The cute little name you gave your router)
MAC address
Serial number(s)

And.... Your picture and screenshot of what you are looking at on MY COMPUTER, like the vacation to Myrtle beach these thieving whores where planning on MY COMPUTER.

So armed with this treasure trove of information, I called the detective on my case and they recovered my computer 26 hrs from the time they logged in to my computer.

The last picture captured was of the detective unplugging the computer.

Note to Criminals:

1- Don't Steal, it sucks to the person you are doing it to.

2- If you can't help yourself and still wan't to steal, don't steal from a computer expert.

3- If you do, do not under any circumstances, plug that computer in, we will get you.

4- Go kill yourself, you are a leach and a parasite.

For those of you who don't know, we where burglarized month a half ago at our store in Decatur, they stole everything.

They plugged the computer in today and now I have, IP address, Physical address, Wifi network and every other wifi around them.
And.... A pic of their living room being updated every 5 minutes, so tonight I will have a pic of them.
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With the exclusive 4K PHOTO feature found in Panasonic LUMIX cameras you’ll never miss THAT MOMENT again.  Now use the high resolution power of 4K Ultra HD Video to capture up to 30 frames per second in UHD video quality. Then Play, Pause, and Save any high resolution video frame as THAT exact special photo moment which is nearly impossible to capture with traditional point and shoot or mobile phone photography.

Demo 3 #Lumix #Panasonic #LumixLounge #4kphoto #4k #lx100 #fz1000 #gh4 #g7  

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We're celebrating Memorial Day with family in the great state of Texas!
#LumixLounge #LumixLX100 #Texas

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We're enjoying great weather and beautiful light in Maine this weekend for our Digital Photo Adventures workshop! #lumixlounge +Rick Gerrity Lumix Luminary +LUMIX Cameras

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See you at Hunts Photo in Melrose tonight and tomorrow! If you can't make it out you can still take advantage of these great weekend specials

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Your Itinerary #28 is on the air!
On the road with +david M byrne 
#podcast   #travelphotography   #thisweekinphoto  +This Week in Photo (TWiP) 

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If you're in San Francisco on May 2nd and want to meet up with likeminded photographers then join Master Mason Marsh on The Arcanum and Friends San Francisco Photowalk.

#TheArcanum #photowalk #sanfrancisco

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