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This is a fascinating criterion to determine the top 0.01% of an area. Would you pass this test? Where would you pass it?

For example, I know I would pass this test in the arena of my family. I know I have passed this test at various places I've worked (because they've told me so after I moved on). But, would I pass that test in my field of work? I know some would say yes, but I suspect most would say "Who?" :)
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Nope, not me. I wouldn't even pass this criterion in perl :P (I don't think anyone uses any of my modules except me, all patches to modules either would have been submitted by someone else eventually or aren't in use anyway...)

Now you've made me all depressed :( :P
Depends on which "field" I think I make important contributions to my team and my company. They would stop paying me if I didn't.
+Skip Huffman you don't work for a large enough company. :P (I once worked for a Canadian Federal Government agency...)
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