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Here is a good breakdown of incentives that drive newspaper subscription. And the winner is... local and coupons!
In our monthly Ad Age/Ipsos Observer survey, we dug into what the remaining newspaper subscribers are looking for when they sign up for the year.
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Interesting chart. I'd be a lot more interested in seeing the general demographic of subscribers ... I bet the under 30 demo has a less then 10% subscriber rate.
You can use for some free audience (demographic) analysis for correlations.
Interesting that there is very little columnist loyalty. Maybe we should do a little reconsidering of our voices? Maybe if we play up our voices section our audience in that area will grow? Great article, thanks for posting.
Hey Rob any word on if the Deseret News will be available for the Kindle? I hope all is going well for you my friend.
Steven, our current main focus is the new redesign of However that said, we do realize the importance of content delivery on the Kindle and other devices. I know it's on the cards, I just can't tell you when for sure.
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