I wish more hotel owners and companies would step up and do this. Instead I'm hearing hotel prices have gone from the $300 range to the $800 range to capitalize on the "demand". Good business move... except when the "demand" is artificially inflated by a life ruining catastrophe for thousands of people in your hometown.
Put all your politics aside and help an American who's helping other Americans 

Here's the scoop: This hotel owner has given rooms to victims of Sandy and said that he wouldn't displace them for marathon runners. He even offered the runners free cots, food and shuttle to the race if it had happened. 

I'd like to see a bunch of us give him and his hotel some link love from our posts and blogs. Whether you reshare this or simply post the link below on your own blog, let's make sure he gets plenty of exposure and traffic for his good deed. 

Here's the link to his hotel: http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/new-york/hilton-garden-inn-new-york-staten-island-EWRSIGI/index.html

These hashtags will get him found where it helps his future business: 
#Hilton   #NewYorkHotel   #StatenIsland   #HotelsNewYork  

And we can't forget to mention his name: Richard Nicotra
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