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QUESTION: Who should I circle up if my interests are Android, Tech, Web, Entrepreurship, Travel, and random cool stuffs? Trying to awesomify my G+!
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When it comes to technology, I suggest to circle +Nicolas Charbonnier . He is great ARM related mobile technology fan and social-jurnalist.
Thanks for the suggestion, Jakub! Already got Charbax in a circle actually. Met him a few times at various events... love his enthusiasm!

Keep the suggestions coming...
Watch.... in a bit I'll post some of my circles.... I have techies and android...
Thanks +Wm. Mike Kostok Jr. ... not sure why I hadn't added Josh. Just circled him and Marques.

Circled up Trey Ratcliff too... thanks +Kat Meredith ... some great photography on his page!

Still "watching" +Ryan Moore ... drop that bombshell, homey!
I'll follow +Ryan Moore and post a few circles. I wouldn't have found half of my tech and photo people without having them shared from others in the early G+ no problem. 
Sorry, busy day. Ive got four android circles of 500 each, then an android pages circle
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