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I love in-flight Wi-Fi! Airtran is my fave but right now I'm using it on Southwest for the first time.

Kind of interesting... it's only $5/device for an entire day, but your web use is limited. For example I can access my e-mail and a bunch of Google services, but use of random websites pops up with "DNS Error". I'm pretty sure they whitelist/blacklist URLs based on how much bandwidth activity they're likely to generate so that everyone browsing can have a functional experience. Yet their site claims to allow some audio streaming sites...

Regardless, having E-Mail, GTalk, Skype, and random other sites here and there is definitely a luxury. Can't wait until the day it becomes a commodity- it makes traveling much more enjoyable not to mention productive!

What's your favorite airline?
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+Virgin America for sure. They use Gogo the last I checked and it's not too horrible. Overall flight experience is enjoyable too. Friendly staff and prices aren't too bad. They just need to be in more places.
Airtran also uses GoGo. I've heard great things about Virgin but never think to check their flight availability and pretty sure that's directly related to what you mentioned, with the limited destinations and all.
Zach M
Would like to know the effect of using a rooted DNS changer like Set DNS, a proxy, vpn, and a mixture of any and all of the above on their services. 
They should offer the optino to buy wifi when you book the ticket to avoid the hassle of paying when you are on-board...
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